No. 75: Jacksonville Jaguars

Last year's rank: 65
Title track: 76
Ownership: 64
Coaching: 58
Players: 92
Fan relations: 73
Affordability: 11
Stadium experience: 68
Bang for the buck: 121

At $59.54, the Jags had the third-cheapest ticket price in the NFL. Add in below-league-average costs for beers, sodas and parking and it's easy to see why Jacksonville ranked 11th overall -- and No. 1 among NFL teams -- in affordability. But it's not so easy to watch a 2-14 season and a disastrous quarterback situation -- even from cheap seats. That's why the Jags placed second to last among all pro sports franchises (ahead of the Maple Leafs) in bang for the buck. In fact, this marks the seventh consecutive year that the Jaguars have ranked inside the top 20 for affordability but outside the top 45 for title track. And despite its team's ranking of 92nd in sports, a boisterous group of Jags supporters, dubbed the Bold City Brigade, launched an online protest against the potential signing of Tim Tebow this offseason. Second-year owner Shahid Kahn (ranked 64th) proved to be a man of the people, heeding the unsolicited advice and beginning a sure-to-be-slow rebuilding process, circus-free. Even still, with Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne toiling away under center, Jacksonville fans would probably be well-served to splurge on a front-row seat for the 2014 draft.