No. 106: New York Mets

Last year's rank: 93
Title track: 82
Ownership: 109
Coaching: 85
Players: 95
Fan relations: 106
Affordability: 112
Stadium experience: 80
Bang for the buck: 93

Step right up and beat the Mets! Not much has gone right for the 2013 edition of the Metropolitans, losers in both sets of standings -- the regular ones and those of the Ultimate variety. As of mid-September, New York was on pace to win a lusty 73 games, good enough for a fifth straight losing season. "Mets baseball season always ends in June," wrote one underwhelmed message board poster. It seems that meaningless baseball has taken its toll on Mets fans, who rank their ballclub in the bottom third among MLB teams in all eight major categories. (Their average overall ranking across all fields was a stunningly low 95.) Even with lower-than-average ticket prices of $25.30, a still-in-its-infancy Citi Field has lost its luster. Last season the team played to its lowest attendance in nine years, 2.2 million total, a 29 percent drop from the ballpark's 2009 inaugural season. What's alarming is that stadium experience, at No. 80 overall, is the Mets' high point in this year's overall standings. How's that for a statement on the state of the union? And just when Mets fans thought they hit rock bottom, they found that bottom gave way to the worst news of all. On Aug. 26, the team's lone true bright spot -- young ace and starter for the 2013 NL All-Star squad, Matt Harvey -- announced he suffered a partially torn UCL in his pitching elbow. Surgery has not been ruled out. Turns out, the only thing worse for Mets fans than the 2013 campaign might just be the one in 2014.