No. 121: New York Jets

Last year's rank: 105
Title track: 115
Ownership: 116
Coaching: 100
Players: 121
Fan relations: 120
Affordability: 120
Stadium experience: 112
Bang for the buck: 115

The 2012 Jets went viral. If you've had your head buried in your, uh, playbook, and missed it somehow, just Google it. Heck, the squad reigned supreme for close to a year on ESPN's Not Top Plays (retired in September). It's one thing to butt fumble, it's quite another to do it against the Pats on Thanksgiving among friends and family. Just be thankful it's a new season, because this squad didn't just get voted below Jeffrey Loria's club by happenstance.

Enough Yakety Sax moments were churned out to make Gang Green almost forget Rich Kotite for a New York minute: the Chronicles of Tebow (replete with rain-soaked shirtless images); Revis Island getting "Lost"; the owner stating he was rooting more for Romney than his own team; and 26 turnovers for Sanchez (after receiving a contract extension in the offseason). Even the team's unofficial mascot hung up his hard hat. Yes, Fireman Ed up and Q-U-I-T, quit, quit, quit. Maybe he just got sick of paying for the most expensive seats in the NFL to view this circus (over $6 more than the same Giants seats!).

The response from fans has been louder than a Newark International runway. Bart Scott chided heckling fans in November after losing by 30 to the Pats at home, but Sanchez couldn't even make it through an early August intrasquad training camp scrimmage without some ghost music. For those fans who already think 2013 is shaping up to be a bigger disaster, take solace: Sanchez won't lose games from the bench.