No. 5: Green Bay Packers

Last year's rank: 2
Title track: 3
Ownership: 3
Coaching: 26
Players: 10
Fan relations: 6
Affordability: 14
Stadium experience: 5
Bang for the buck: 17

We can give you all sorts of fancy numbers to demonstrate why the Packers are, again, our highest-ranked NFL team. We can talk about how the owners -- ahem, the all-too-modest stockholders -- are, again, top five. We can talk about how the players, again, have their fans hopeful for a title. We can talk about how Lambeau Field, again, ranks among the best venues in sports. But really, the best example of the franchise's standing among Cheeseheads is the longest season-ticket waiting list in the nation, which now stretches over 100,000 people. (For some context: 104,000 people reside in Green Bay, and Lambeau seats 80,750.) Brad Sauve patiently waited -- for 37 years -- to get off the list, and when he finally did shortly after the conclusion of last season, Sauve celebrated with a tweet and a proud addition to his Twitter bio that reads, "2013 first time Packers season ticket holder." An additional 3,800 wait-listers received season tickets when the Packers unveiled a 7,000-seat expansion in Lambeau's south end zone this summer. But with generations of fans still season-ticket-less, it's little wonder that among the 25 questions included in our survey, the team scored below the NFL average in only one: the ease of buying tickets through the team's website. And if there was ever a number that told you everything you need to know about the Packers, it's that one.