No. 85: St. Louis Rams

Last year's rank: 115
Title track: 37
Ownership: 99
Coaching: 29
Players: 68
Fan relations: 89
Affordability: 84
Stadium Experience 113
Bang for the Buck 78

So the Rams went from absolutely atrocious in the Ultimate Standings to just lousy (a 30-point jump to 85). Still, that’s solid improvement. Fans appear to be enthused about the on-the-field product, as the Rams went from 2-14 (worst record in the league, tied with Indianapolis) to 7-8-1 last season, including 1-0-1 against the NFC champion 49ers. Consider this: The Rams scored a 37 in title track, and the 49ers, who were in the Super Bowl a year after making it to the conference title game, came in 28th. The St. Louis faithful also have confidence in head coach Jeff Fisher, a good thing, as he signed a five-year, $35 million deal before last season.
Now for some bad news: The stadium is ... well, not good. From an article by Brad Gagnon about the worst stadiums in the NFL, referring to the Rams’ home: “Edward Jones Dome has a remarkably stale, neutral, antiseptic atmosphere. New scoreboards and video screens have helped resurrect its aesthetic appearance, but that doesn’t change that there’s really nothing original or unique about this stereotypical and unimaginative dome.” Considering the team has had only one winning season at home since 2005, it certainly isn’t providing much of a home-field advantage.