No. 27: New Orleans Saints

Last year's rank: 8
Title track: (T) 5
Ownership: 27
Coaching: 4
Players: 24
Fan relations: 21
Affordability: 38
Stadium Experience 45
Bang for the Buck 55

Outlier alert: Of the top 10 teams in the title track category, three are reigning champs (Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco Giants, Chicago Blackhawks). Six are storied franchises (St. Louis Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, New York Yankees, Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants) that have each won at least six titles and have a combined 77 championships. Then there are the Saints, who've won exactly six playoff games and one Super Bowl in their 46-year history. Still, Bayou backers hung a fiver (title track) on a team that finished under .500 while becoming the first defense in NFL history to give up 7,000 yards in a season. Translation? They've got tons of confidence in Sean Payton, who returns to the sideline following a one-year suspension, owns a .653 winning percentage since coming to town and is the league's highest-paid coach after inking a five-year, $38 million extension in January. Longtime owner Tom Benson also gets high marks for doubling down on the city (last year he spent $338 million to buy the Hornicans) and buddying up with its citizens (he rewarded the first fan at training camp 2013 by watching practice with him).