No. 103: Tennessee Titans

Last year's rank: 72
Title track: 92
Ownership: 96
Coaching: 99
Players: 107
Fan relations: 111
Affordability: 85
Stadium experience: 99
Bang for the buck: 69

Being a Titans fan wasn't so much fun in 2012. A 6-10 record. No playoff berth. Slightly higher ticket prices and no real stadium improvements -- except for new antennas to improve wireless capabilities. Meh. Sure, fans in the sellout crowds at every game (a streak that has been alive since LP Field opened in 1999) could text their friends a selfie with one of the typical giveaways: calendars, T-shirts, towels and posters. But on-field action was less than exhilarating.

Quarterback Jake Locker offered glimpses of greatness (see Tennessee's 2012 Week 3 victory over the Lions), but he also proved inconsistent. The Titans worked in the offseason to strengthen their offensive line in the hopes that Locker, now in his third season, and running back Chris Johnson will take off this year -- or at least lead the team to a winning record.

But even if the team can't put enough points on the board to win games, the franchise plans on scoring with the fans through off-field initiatives like the annual Titans Caravan, which visits 50 spots, including schools throughout Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama. And one improvement for the faithful: Season-ticket holders have access to free stadium tours, free movie nights at LP Field and free banquets with coach Mike Munchak and various players. Heck, maybe they can give Munchak and the coaching staff some free suggestions.