No. 62: Chicago White Sox

Last year's rank: 69
Title track: 23
Ownership: 59
Coaching: 70
Players: 81
Fan relations: 68
Affordability: 57
Stadium experience: 57
Bang for the buck: 95

According to White Sox fans, the 2005 World Series feels like a not-so-distant memory. Never mind that those '05 World Series rings are popping up on eBay, the franchise climbed three spots in our title track category. But for a team whose fans have such high hopes for another championship, the downward slide in attendance for six consecutive seasons is disconcerting. Nothing a little food, entertainment and a sale can't fix, right?

Enter the price chopper. Tickets were slashed 10.2 percent following a 28.7 percent drop last season and $23 parking was snipped to $20. In addition, Sunday home games became "Family Sundays." Lower-level seating for $15, upper level for $5 and $10 parking (plus autograph sessions and postgame baserunning for the kids).

And the grub: Bull's BBQ sweet pulled pork, the Walking Taco and the Winning Ugly Grand Slam (in honor of the '83 team) -- Italian beef, Italian sausage patty, a pork chop and bacon covered with giardiniera, sautéed onions and peppers on 8-inch muffuletta bread. And the distractions: a race between giant inflatable versions of Carlton Fisk, Harold Baines and Ron Kittle during the seventh-inning stretch. Woooo, did you get all that? Because 2013 had the makings of a winner, except for one minor little problem: The team isn't winning.

Currently 24 games behind the Tigers, 8.5 behind the Royals and on pace for the franchise's worst season since 1970, Chi-Town appears headed for a seventh straight decline. Oh well, we'll get 'em next year, boys.