No. 87: New York Yankees

Last year's rank: 82
Title track: (T) 3
Ownership: 37
Coaching: 49
Players: 61
Fan relations: 74
Affordability: 119
Stadium experience: 74
Bang for the buck: 113

The 2013 Yankees find themselves in unfamiliar territory: For just the second time in the Derek Jeter era, the Bronx Bombers are in serious jeopardy of missing the postseason. The Bleacher Creatures stand unfazed. Tied with the Packers at No. 3 in title track, it's clear Yankees fans aren't losing sleep over the likelihood of seeing another championship in their lifetime. If only the rest of the New York fan experience was as gratifying. Year after year, the Yankees -- the New York Yankees! (said in a George Costanza wail) -- find themselves mired in Ultimate Standings mediocrity. They peaked in 2005 at No. 17 (aided, perhaps, by a hockey-less roundup due to the NHL lockout in 2004-05). Eight years later, they land at a decidedly unimpressive 87. So what gives? Yeah, they have more money than most small countries. And sure, they have 27 rings. But you'll pay an arm and a leg to watch them vie for their 28th. The Yanks are dead last in affordability among MLB teams (119th overall), and their average ticket price ($51.55) is a whopping 88 percent higher than the MLB norm. All that, plus A-Rod fatigue, likely has contributed to a slight downtick in player likability (61st). When the highlight of your season is a retiring player's (albeit a retiring legend's) extended farewell tour, it's safe to say it's just not the season for pinstripes.