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DeMar DeRozan stars in comedy skit with Drake and Will Ferrell

Toronto Raptors

In case you missed it, Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan appeared in a comedy skit with Drake and Will Ferrell that played during Monday night's inaugural NBA Awards show. 

Drake, the host of the show and an avid Raptors fan, starred with Will Ferrell as "handshake coaches" in the sketch. 

The "handshake coaches" are tasked with improving on-court celebrations, and they even threaten to trade DeRozan and his teammates if they don't step up their handshake games. 

DeRozan objects to the coaching, which leads Drake to quip "DeMar I say it, the less I like it." Drake and Ferrell proceed to teach a variety of over-the-top handshakes such as "The Jenga," "The Gossip Queen," and "The Prom."

The eventful evening for DeRozan concluded with the revelation that he had received one fifth-place MVP vote. 

-- John Wilmhoff

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