Zack Cozart meets donkey, needs help naming his own

Thanks to a spring training promise by teammate Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds shortstop Zack Cozart has a donkey ... almost.

Cozart got an opportunity to meet a donkey, named Amos, on the field of Great American Ball Park prior to the Reds' game against the Washington Nationals on Saturday. Cozart will receive his own donkey from Votto because the veteran first baseman promised Cozart a donkey if the shortstop made the National League All-Star team.

Cozart looks absolutely delighted to meet Amos and is reportedly serious about wanting a donkey, according to Fox 19's Jeremy Rauch. As for the All-Star's future donkey, which is currently being trained, Cozart is looking for inspiration from fans when it comes to naming it.

According to the Reds' website, you can email donkey@reds.com through July 31 with suggestions for naming the donkey. Cozart will unveil the name sometime in August.

--Sam Henken