DeShone Kizer bets Patrick Mahomes II 10 pushups on outcome of Game 5 of NBA Finals

It's commonplace for professional athletes to root for teams in other sports and voice their support for the home team on social media.

And on Monday night, quarterback Patrick Mahomes II, selected by the Kansas City Chiefs as the 10th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft, tweeted that he thought the Golden State Warriors would take Game 5 of the NBA Finals for the championship.

But DeShone Kizer -- a Toledo, Ohio, native and Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback -- has faith in the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Mahomes was quick to agree to Kizer's bet.

Regardless of the outcome of Game 5, be on the lookout tomorrow for a push-up video and an admission of defeat from one of these two NFL rookies.

--Meaghan Latella