Baylor Bears staffer races practice dummy, wins for humanity

It was the classic showdown of man vs. machine. And at the Baylor Bears' practice on Friday night, man won.

Let's set the scene. Baylor associate athletic director for football operations Sean Padden lined up next to his adversary, a practice dummy for a foot race. On the line: new head coach Matt Rhule allowing the team a later curfew for the players.

While Padden was victorious, the machines struck back as the dummy laid a vicious hit on him. Following the race, Padden evoked some of the classic showdowns between humans and machines and claimed a victory for mankind.

Padden may have won the day and allowed the players a little extra time off, but the war is far from over. "I did it for humanity," said Padden. "That's a warning to everybody, because the machines aren't gonna fight fair and we better be ready."

--Sam Henken