Need a plumber? Call Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

So this is what Aaron Rodgers does when he isn't throwing touchdown passes for the Green Bay Packers.

LA Clippers forward Sam Dekker, who played college basketball for the Wisconsin Badgers, shared a photo of the star QB in Dekker's house fixing his sink Saturday evening.

Dekker recounted what happened in an appearance on ESPN Wisconsin's Wilde and Tausch on Tuesday.

"I don't know exactly how it happened," Dekker said. "He was over Saturday watching football and I was making food and my sink got so backed up that I was like, 'Can you look at it?'

"All it was was he went under there and somehow my disposal unplugged. So that was literally the only fix needed; I was too lazy to go under there so he did it.

"I'm a big guy, so I didn't want to go all the way underneath there. He was already right there so he just went down and told me, 'Well, first of all, this needs to be plugged in.' And then it worked."

Rodgers' NFL career is far from over, but it's good to know the 33-year-old can fall back on plumbing if he ever needs to.