Takkarist McKinley's dreadlock was up for auction on eBay and bids got to $11k -- no, we're not kidding

We've got some dreadful news for you, folks -- and, oh yes, that pun was so intended.

Atlanta Falcons rookie Takkarist McKinley has lost his dread -- or so this eBay seller claims.

McKinley's supposed missing dread was found on the sideline after Sunday's game in Detroit against the Lions and was up for auction on eBay by an employee at Ford Field.

Weird, we know.

And just to make it real weird, here are the photos used "authenticating" the dread at Ford Field.

Even weirder -- more than 100 people bid on it, and the bids were up to over $11,000.

Oh, and if just the dread was not enough, apparently you also got Brooks Reed's mouthguard, too.

Even McKinley jumped in on the conversation about his missing lock.

And right when things we're getting good, eBay removed the page, which McKinley couldn't help but post on Twitter with crying, laughing emoji faces.

The funny thing is, McKinley tallied his first sack of the season and -- who knows -- maybe did lose a luscious lock during the play.

But let's start here: What could someone possibly do with another person's dread? Well, some Twitter followers gave us some insight.

The seller also mentioned this is a "MUST HAVE for Falcons fans and people who are into voodoo."

You're probably grimacing, laughing or both. Honestly, there is no in between on feelings here.

We can't even make this stuff up.

Stay weird, my friends.

-- Courtney Schellin