Duncan dominates in Spurs sweep

The Spurs are too old; they can't compete with a young Grizzlies squad. The Spurs are injury prone; they won't hold up. Well, the Spurs thought otherwise. Thanks in large part to the play of 37-year-old Tim Duncan, San Antonio made quick work of a younger and more athletic Memphis team, sweeping the Western Conference finals. And with this feat, Duncan and teammates Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili became the first trio on a team other than the Celtics or Lakers to reach the NBA Finals four times together. And maybe they'll meet this week's fourth-ranked player, LeBron James and his Heat squad for the right to hoist the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

It's an eclectic collection of athletes who landed made the top five. Tony Kanaan raced his way to the No. 2 spot with his first career win at the Indianapolis 500, while Arjen Robben and his game-winning goal and James Neal and his hat trick controlled the third and fifth positions. That's how our panel ranked them. Do you agree? Check out the complete top 10 and let your voice be heard in the comments.

2013 Cross-Sport Power Rankings panel: Sara Walsh, John Buccigross, Robert Flores, Michael Smith, Bram Weinstein, Mike Hill, Jorge Andres, Charissa Thompson, DJ Gallo, Jim Basquil, Kevin Connors, Jeff MacGregor and Steve Weissman

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