LeBron James tops power rankings

Talk about insult to injury: Not only did LeBron James break his nose in a game, the super-cool black carbon fiber protective mask he donned in his next appearance lasted for exactly one night before the NBA decided he needed to look more like Richard Hamilton and less like Batman.

Monday night, it might not have mattered if LeBron's mask was made of clear plastic, cardboard or cucumber, because the man behind the mask went off for a career-high 61 points against the Charlotte Bobcats, scoring 25 points in the third quarter alone. And that screeching sound you hear is the brakes slamming on any discussion of Kevin Durant walking away with the MVP award this season. It was certainly worthy of elevating LeBron to No. 1 in this week's Cross-Sport Power Rankings.

Following LeBron in the top five are NASCAR's Kevin Harvick, who was equally dominant in his win at Phoenix on Sunday; the Houston Rockets' James Harden; North Carolina's Marcus Paige; and Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

2014 Cross-Sport Power Rankings panel: Sara Walsh, John Buccigross, Robert Flores, Michael Smith, Jim Basquil, Kevin Connors, Jeff MacGregor and Steve Weissman

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