Instant Awesome: Lexi Thompson skydives to first tee at Kingsmill Championship pro-am

When Lexi Thompson's golf bag and caddie were on the first tee for Wednesday's Kingsmill Championship pro-am but there was no sign of her, there naturally was cause for some concern.

Little did they realize they were in for quite the entrance.

Like something out of a James Bond movie, Thompson made her way to the first tee by jumping out of a perfectly fine airplane.

After the excitement of the jump wears off, she takes off her jumpsuit and is ready to go in her golf attire, proceeding to tee off at No. 1.


The best part is the jump? It was for a great cause.

It was part of Thompson's new partnership with the SEAL Legacy Foundation. The jump was called the Lexi Legacy Challenge, which was her very first parachute jump and an item off her bucket list, according to LPGA.com. She took the plunge with three other Navy SEALs, plus one who did the flight tandem with her.

"A dream come true is all I can say! Not only did I get to skydive, but I got to jump with Navy SEALs, who are the most elite members of our military," Thompson told the LPGA. "We all get to compete each week on the LPGA Tour because of the sacrifices of the SEALs and their families, so giving back is the least I can do."

According to the LPGA, Thompson always wears pink clothing on Saturdays during tournament play to reflect her longtime support of the fight against breast cancer. Going forward, she will wear blue camouflage attire on Sundays to reflect her support of the SEAL Legacy Foundation.

Lexi's Legacy Challenge will continue through Nov. 11 (Veterans Day) with a goal of raising funds and awareness in support of the SEAL Legacy Foundation.

Jumping out of planes and rocking blue camo to raise awareness for a good cause? She's got my vote.