Dan Rafael Chat: July 17, 2009

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Dan Rafael: Greetings Fight Freaks, from the club lounge at the Bradley airport in Hartford, Conn. Hopefully, we won't have software issues this week as I am doing the chat on an unfamiliar computer so the techs can troubleshoot. Anyway, I'll be in Bristol tonight for Friday Night Fights, so I hope you check it out. We'll have a look back at Arturo Gatti's career. There is also a huge notebook and a new blog posted today and the schedule has been updated, so let's get to it.

Pete (SLC): Sounds like Mosley v Berto talks are falling apart, who's next on Mosley's list?

Dan Rafael: They have barely begun. From what I am told Golden Boy made a pretty poor offer to Berto and promoter Lou DiBella, who basically told them where to go. Hopefully, calmer heads will prevail and it will get done.

Charles (Philly): RIP the ultimate blood-and-guts warrior. I know Gatti's death hit you hard, Dan, but you've already written some excellent tributes to the man's legacy. I have sent them to my non-freak friends and told them to tune into the Ward Trilogy replay this weekend.

Dan Rafael: Still hasn't really sunk in. I've been extremely upset about the whole thing. But we will always have the videos of his great fights. And, yes, HBO is showing all three Ward fights tonight (on HBO2)and again tomorrow morning on regular HBO.

Jamesa (Ottawa): Hey danasaurus, I think GB Promotions is one of the best (if not the best) in the business but this whole "turn in to see what they weigh" is amatuer hour.

Dan Rafael: It is crazy but it is not Golden Boy's fault. They are doing it because Mayweather insists. But it makes the promotion feel cheap and slimy because one of the basic things about any fight is a weight limit. By them hiding it, it makes you think there is funny business going on.

Dany (Montreal): Hey Dan. In your blog, you report what Mayweather and Marquez did not talk about. So what did they actually talk about?

Dan Rafael: Same old, same old they've been talking about since May. Mayweather was asked a lot about Pacquiao and said a lot of stuff about how he'd never give him 50-50 etc.. and ripped on Bob Arum.

Kyle (Indianapolis): RIP THUNDER!!!

Tom (Reading, United Kingdom): Will you be watching the Khan-Kotelnik PPV show this weekend? And who do you see winning?

Dan Rafael: It is not on television in the US, PPV or otherwise. But I will find an Internet stream somewhere. Tough fight for Khan. I believe Kotelnik has less speed and power but he has a great chin and good fundamentals. Who knows how Khan will react if they get into the championship rounds. To me it's a toss up fight, especially with Khan moving up in weight.

Paul Williams (starving for action): D$$$$$, when's a welterweight or middleweight tournament gonna go down??

Dan Rafael: Welterweight won't have a tourney because there are already major starts who make tons of cash on PPV and don't need a tournament. Middleweight sucks as a division so who would care?

Edward (Sunny San Diego): Being a Pacquiao fan, I want to know how Mayweather got his mysterious rib injury. I heard it was from a no name, sparring partner that did it. Do you have any sources telling you otherwise? I'd love to know how he got it so Team Pacquiao can expose a possible weakeness in Money May's game.

Dan Rafael: I hear the same stuff, that he got clipped in sparring.

Dany (Montreal): Looks like Bute-Andrade lands in our beautiful province after all. Will Mr Rafael finally make the trip to this side of the border?

Dan Rafael: I've been thinking about it. Maybe go home for Thanksgiving in upstate NY and then drive up to MOntreal the next day for the fight weekend. We'll see.

Brian (DC): Regarding the secrecy about the weight limit... do you think Floyd has doubts about his ability to make 143/144, and therefore there's a side agreement that pays JMM a little more $$$ if Floyd can't make that weight and shows up at 146 or 147 instead?

Dan Rafael: I seriously doubt Mayweather would have a problem making 144, which I am told by multiple people involved is the weight. Floyd told the reporters the other day he was about 149-150 that day. For him to lose 5 or 6 pounds by Sept. 19 should be no problem.

Doug (TX): D$, a few weeks back you wrote about Roach joining up with Rigondeaux. Will he be in his corner tonight or is that still in the works?

Dan Rafael: They are working together but since Freddie is in the UK with Amir Khan for his title fight tomorrow, one of his assistants will man the corner tonight with Rigondeaux.

Iron Beach (cape canaveral,fl): Some sites reporting Pac-Cotto in trouble due to weight demands, true or false?

Dan Rafael: Nothing is in trouble. Arum is still on vacation. Trust me -- this fight is not going to blow up over a couple of pounds.

Edmund (Seattle, Wa): Will Kelly Pavlik fight again this year?

Dan Rafael: Yes, probably in November. I'm hearing Nov. 21 is a very likely date.

shower door (las vegas): I broke Floyds rib

Sean Davidson (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK): Hey Dan, great notebook as usual. Can we expect to see more coverage this week on the Super 6 press conferences? Hearing about these guys hanging out together would be fascinating. I still can't believe something so RIGHT for boxing is going to happen.

Dan Rafael: I have a bunch of notes and quotes from the all the guys and will write something on it soon. I also talked with Showtime's Ken Hershman about the genesis of the tournament, which should make for interesting reading.

Big Rob (Fort Worth): Sup Dan, what do you think about the proposed Danny Jacobs-Ishe Smith? I am worried that the slick Smith isn't the type of guy Jacobs should be fighting at this point in his career. Could be a difficult fight

Dan Rafael: Could be tough but if Jacobs wants to be on HBO he has to take a gamble. He could have fought a lesser opponent and HBO would have aired clips. But Golden Boy wanted him on so he is stepping up. Ishe is a good boxer but Jacobs is very strong and definitely bigger.

Greg (Los Angeles): Is Judah-Hatton still going to happen? It seems like its on shaky ground.

Dan Rafael: I was told just yesterday by Golden Boy it is still on the Mayweather-Marquez PPV.

Bo (NYC): Dan, what's your take on the Arreola-Maskaev match-up? I am glad Cristobal is staying active, but Maskaev is so old and slow that he may be going to sleep very early that night. Just doesn't seem the type of a fight from which Arreola can really gain or learn from. Am I way off on this? Thank!

Dan Rafael: I think it's a reasonable match for Arreola at this point. The division is weak and Maskaev will still be the best opponent of Arreola's career. And for what it is worth, the winner will become Vitali's mandatory.

Rick (Marina): Who's your pick to win the super middleweight tourney ? Im going for the home state boy in Andre Ward I really like his chances.

Dan Rafael: Before it has started I like Kessler to emerge from the field. But I'm sure as the fights take place our opinions may all change. I think everyone at least has a chance to win with the exception of Taylor.

E ((Omaha)): RIP Thunder! Thanks for the memories! You might not have been the best fighter, but you damn sure gave us everything you had and then some!

Kelby (Omaha): I like your Idea of a 'Second' Middleweight tournament on HBO Dan. Totally forgot about guys like Allan Green, stubborn headed, but tremendous talent...

Dan Rafael: Would be cool, but it was just a thought. I would be pretty shocked if it actually happened. But the division is deep as you can see.

Brian (DC): Outside of the Ward I, what's your favorite Gatti fight? I'd go with Wilson Rodriguez.

Dan Rafael: Well you can find out my top 5 tonight on Friday Night Fights, when we will run down my top 5 Gatti fights. I hope you check it out.

Jamesa (Ottawa): Frankdanastein, Dirrell is talking an awful lot of noise for being the "greenest" in the tourney. I don't think he gets out of the first round, your thoughts?

Dan Rafael: Dirrell probably has the best overall package of speed and defense in the tournament so don't sell him short.

Rick (Marina): Whats up Dan, it's been a while it seems since Ive chatted, but first and foremost I have to pay my respects to the great Arturo Gatti, may he rest in peace. Im still kind of shocked.

ARMANDO (BOSTON): Hey Dan, you think mosley/berto will happen??

Dan Rafael: I think eventually, it will get worked out because neither guy really has a more lucrative fight they can make for the fall that I am aware of.

Rick (Marina): So Darchy finnally got his trap shut, where does go from here? So much for wanting to win multiple titles in different divisions, i guess he drops bck to 115lbs.

Dan Rafael: Probably goes back to 115. But remember -- when Donaire crushed him he never shut up. Don't expect him to now.

Bing (Philly): Really, you'd prefer Mosley face Berto over Williams?

Dan Rafael: I don't see that fight being realistic to make based on the money it would take to make it, so yes, I go with Berto.

Iron Beach (cape canaveral,fl): Mr. DAN, so it looks as if V Klit, will be the one to KO, Haye, who does Wlad, get next, and will it be this year? Thanks

Dan Rafael: Wlad probably will fight Povetkin in December.

Bing (Philly): Why is Khan getting a title shot over Prescott?

Dan Rafael: Because he brings $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and Prescott bring no money and a lot of risk. Simple economics for Kotelnik, who is making an optional defense.

Greg (Los Angeles): DO you think King will keep Agbeko active or store him on the shelf for a year?

Dan Rafael: I hope he doesn't keep him on the shelf but if tradition keeps up, Agbeko won't fight for awhile.

chrisdiggidy (oklahoma city, ok): Dan, I don't always agree with you, but your blog about Gatti and your other idea for the super middle tourney on hbo were on point! Good work. The scuttlebutt of Martinez wanting to fight Pavlik really interests me, who would you favor in that fight if it happened?

Dan Rafael: Interesting fight. Martinez is a smaller guy and not a big puncher, but he's skilled, experienced and a southpaw. Could spell trouble. The fight is being mulled over by Top Rank. There are those at TR that are OK with the fight for Pavlik and others that think it's too dangerous.

Brian (DC): Does Floyd realize that in order to hype the Marquez fight, he needs to actually talk about the fight, instead of spending all his time talking about things (Arum, Pacquiao, money) that have nothing to do with it?

Dan Rafael: Exactly. The problem is, with total respect to lightweight champ Marquez, but very few people give him a legit chance to seriously win.

Bing (Philly): Have you mentioned your HBO Super Middle theory to Larry Merchant? He seems like a guy that can get things done.

Dan Rafael: Of course.

David ((Old Bridge, NJ)): Seems like GBP is putting together a great undercard for 9/19, with Hatton vs. Judah, the John vs. Juaraz rematch, and maybe the Katsidis fight...wow !

Dan Rafael: Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.

Steve (Hartford): isnt Tavoris Cloud glad he turned down a 2 fight HBO deal to possibly get on ESPN 2? Does that qualify for the Winky Wright School of Business?

Dan Rafael: An ESPN2 undercard I might add. His team is living on the moon.

Zoe (TX): Tonight is definitely the best FNF of the year, maybe decade. Oh, and the fights should be pretty good too.

Dan Rafael: Exactly.

Malik (Philly): You constantly let Mayweather off the hook, while my boy Brian Kenny stays on top of him, why can't we get a answer on Mayweather regarding other top Welters like Mosley, Williams, Margarito, Cotto, Berto or Clottey...when are you going to force the issue? I guess its ok when he says he going to fight Hatton again...

Dan Rafael: I guess you don't read my articles regularly.

Dan Rafael: There has been some mention of him possibly being on the Sept. 19 PPV undercard but nothing is firm.

James (Boston): Hey Dano, Iâ??ve been hearing that your colleague Teddy Atlas is training Alexander Povetkin and will (AP) take a tuneup before the Klitschko fight. Why procrastinate the title shot? I say- take the shot now because there are no guarantees that youâ??ll get another one (due injuries, politics, whatever). Whatâ??s your opinion? and do you know what opponents Team Povetkin is considering?...

Dan Rafael: Teddy is training Povetkin and he is taking a tuneup because the mandatory won't happen until December most likely. Povetkin's opponent is TBA but I promise you it won't be anyone too tough.

Tomas (PR): For the freaks out there that call you a Floyd hater, your Notebook really gave them ammo. Never seen you editorialize so much in the notebook. The fight was postponed "because Floyd claimed he hurt his rib"...any other fighter, and you would just say they hurt their rib. But in Floyd's case, you plant a seed of doubt. Not to mention the part about Floyd ducking questions like he ducks legitimate welterweights.I am not disagreeing with you on anything. Just making observations. Floyd gets treated differently than others.

Dan Rafael: Considering Floyd will not give any details of the injury and will not produce one shred or proof the burden is on him to prove it.

Jon (DC): So let me get this business plan straight. Cloud's people paid $191,000 for the rights to a fight that won't sell a single ticket and for TV rights which for the total card are approx 20,000 and they are the undercard. His promoter was just hired as the new chancellor of Winky's school.

Dan Rafael: You are correct.

Kelby (Omaha): It would be kinda cool to have both Klitschkos on the same card....

Dan Rafael: Considering each of their fights on their own generates probably close to $10 million it's not possible. Makes no sense.

Christopher (Linz, Austria): Dan, do you know sth about the rumors of Berto heading to Turkey to face Aydin?

Dan Rafael: I have not heard that but that will not happen.

Richie (Norfolk): DTM, what did you think of Brock Lesnar antics last weekend? You know you watched.

Dan Rafael: I watched it on youtube the next day. I thought he showed zero class and a lot of MMA so-called journalists let him off the hook with very little criticism.

Tom (Sacramento): Povetkin might be on the Sept 19th PPV? Did I read your response correct?

Dan Rafael: No, you can't read.

javier Gorbea (puerto rico): dan you say you believe mosley and berto will eventualy get done but i thought berto had to give collazo in order to retain his title or may get striped of the belt

Dan Rafael: It is possible Berto could either get an exception or give up his belt and fight for Mosley's or pay Collazo step-aside money. The belts aren't going to prevent the fight in my opinion.

Roman (Niles, IL): Can someone go inside the Mayweather camp and prove the secrets that they hide please? Obviously they are hiding something about that fake rib injury. Also, it's funny how Mayweather says that he only fights for money, but he is quick to defend himself as undefeated and to think he's still the pound-for-pound champ. What's your reaction to this Dan?

Dan Rafael: Floyd is an enigma wrapped in riddle. He talks out of both sides of his mouth and still has never faced a top welterweight.

Sam (Houston): What do you make of Roy resulting to costumes to hype a fight?

Dan Rafael: Sad.

Jonathan (Northern VA): D$, what's your take on Pavlik saying he wasn't in the super MW tournament b/c 1) he doesn't fight for peanuts and 2) he plans on staying at 160 for a while. Is he jealous or just confident? Thanks.

Dan Rafael: Pavlik wasn't invited first of all. Second, last I checked Pavlik fought on a small PPV card without HBO or Showtime in his last fight. The tournament has taken away a number of good opponents for him, limiting his options. He still has some, but not nearly as many now. In fact, before Froch entered, Top Rank was talking to Froch's people about a fight in the fall with Pavlik.

Aaron (Cincinnati): I'm so sick of people saying Floyd gets treated differently. When you play the role of king a-hole that is what you get. Ask Barry Bonds, Terrel Owens, and on and on. The best way for Floyd to market himself is to get people to hate him since he will never have a style that appeals to the masses.

Jon (DC): The funniest (and saddest) thing about the Roy-Lacy promotion is that despite the name, Lacy has never even really had a great left hook. It just is an alliterative name that doesn't fit.

Keith H (Seattle): Dan, why does ANYBODY sign with Don King? I thought the idea was for a promoter to keep fighters active. When a fighter signs with Don King, he goes on an immediate vacation. Your thoughts?

Dan Rafael: Don isn't what he used to be. Period. He's not nearly as interested in boxing as he used to be.

Wil (Toronto): Look at the way the chat is formatted, Dan. The way things are ordered it does look like you're saying Povetkin would be on the Sept. 19 PPV

Dan Rafael: Here's what happened. The comment about the Sept. 19 uncercard was an answer about next for Victor Ortiz, who I have been told might be on the Mayweather undercard. The question itself did not post and I don't know why. Sorry for the confusion.

Sean (Ventura,Ca.): Do you know when the Dawsonv.Johnson tickets go on sale

Captain Morgan (Liquor Store): I want to clear something up: there is no truth to the rumor that I have signed on to fight Jeff Lacy in August.

Dan Rafael: Would probably help if the found a venue right?

E ((Omaha)): D$$ - The thing that gets me the most about Floyd is how he says it's his name that puts the asses in the seats. Last I checked, his two biggest draws were against Oscar (The Ultimate Cash Cow)

Dan Rafael: Floyd is the ultimate B side. He has yet to prove he can draw on his own.

Rick (Marina): Will the Berto-Mosely fight be on HBO or PPV?

Dan Rafael: If it happens, it's an HBO fight.

Joe (Philadelphia): Whats up with this promoter's summit on Monday? Whats likely to come out of this?

Sam (Florida): How did Floyd get the Ring Mag title if he didnt fight a Top welterweight?!?! Be more clear and say he hasnt fought a top WW since the division has shifted and added more talent e.g. Cotto, Williams, Mosley, Clottey etc.

Dan Rafael: He fought and beat the champion, Baldomir, who was the champ but not considered an elite welterweight. You can be champ and not be the best and you can be the best and not be champ. There is a difference.

Bing (Philly): Dan, you say in your blog that it's a problem that HBO doesn't allow their clips to be shown but then you go on to say that anyone who wants to see them can go on Youtube. So what's the problem?

Dan Rafael: Because if you allow them to be shown on a mainstream network like ESPN or the local news or whatever, it helps promote the sport.

Kareem (Harlem NY): Kinda off topic....But have u ever met Michael Buffer and Jimmy Lennon Jr?? Whos more down to earth?? I'd say Jimmy....Mike seems like a total diva...Keep up the Great Work Dan

Dan Rafael: They're both great guys. Jimmy is a class act -- hence the nickname "The Classy" Jimmy Lennon. I've never seen Michael act like a diva. He's a funny guy.

bill (pgh): is Manuel Quezada who ko'd Travis Walker last night anything to get excited about?

Dan Rafael: Good win for Quezada but it is Walker remember. He has NO chin.

Andrew (Toronto): Dan, have other fighters made any public statements about Gatti's death (i.e. Micky Ward)?

Steve (NYC): Could you elaborate more on the "purse issues" for Witherspoon?

Dan Rafael: Yes, many have. Ward has talked about it being a tremendous loss. I think we have an interview with Micky on tonight's FNF. Andrade dedicated teh Bute fight to Gatti. Mayweather said some nice things about Gatti on the conference call the other day. I'll write something on that when I get some time.

Dan Rafael: Yeah, Witherspoon demanded a stupid number for an ESPN2 opening fight. Hence, no fight.

BDT (Ottawa): As a huge Gatti fan, it must be painful to recall that you were not at the first Gatti -Ward fight. Did you choose Tszyu - Tackie instead?

Dan Rafael: Not at all. Read today's blog for why I missed the fight.

Al (Las Cruces, NM): Dan, I've heard that Marquez-Vasquez IV is being discussed. Do you have any info about that.

Dan Rafael: It's being discussed. Nothing done though.

sergio (san diego): do you think Gatti is hall of fame worthy?I'm torn between yes and no.

Dan Rafael: Even before his death I leaned to yes because the level of action fights he had was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY over the top.
Heart and a connection with fans is part of my criteria for voting. That Gatti won two world titles, even if they did not make him THE champ, helps his cause.

E ((Omaha)): D$$ - Did you ever meet Gatti's wife???

Dan Rafael: Yes.

Brandon (San Deigo CA): Rafael,We all know you have it in for Floyd. Not being an avid Mayweather fan, I have no vested interest in your stance toward him. But who cares if he does not reveal the extent of the rib injury? Seems like a smart move on his side not to further expose an injury that could become the focus of Marquez 's attack.

Dan Rafael: Listen up dopey: I have nothing against Mayweather at all. I call it like I see it. If you don't like it, so be it.

Kent (St Catharines): Dan, I completely agree that Gatti should get in the HoF. Hear is hoping when it is time the powers that vote see it that way as well.

Nick (Harrisburg, PA): You, BK and Keiran make a great team for ESPN's coverage of boxing. If you guys could figure out a way to run a coverage campaign for every HBO and PPV fight it'd give the sport more recognition. BK - interviews, Keiran - podcasts and articles, You - articles, notebooks, fight credentials and blogs. BK is the perfect amount of cocky...love it.

bill (pgh): is anyone at GBP or HBO worried about Money-JMM going against a UFC PPV?

Dan Rafael: No idea, but they should be.

Boxing Newbie (HK): Dan, do you think this tournament is a life saver for Taylor?

Dan Rafael: Sure. Where else is Taylor going to get three guaranteed Showtime dates after losing thre of four, including two by rough knockout?

Doug (NJ): Dan, you are wrong about "so-called-journalists" letting Brock off the hook. Just look at the headlines that ran on ESPN and Yahoo. Also, it was classless what Brock did, but is it any different than what Ali or Tyson used to do? Ali's treatment of Joe Frazier is far worse than anything Brock did Sat night.

Dan Rafael: I don't recall any of them giving the finger to the paying fans.

Tom (Reading, United Kingdom): Did you catch Hozumi Hasegawa's impresive performance against Nestor Rocha what did you make of it? is he top p4p material, I think he is. And do you think there is any chance that he could go to the US to fight the likes of Fernando Montiel, Gerry Penelosa, Nonito Donaire?

Dan Rafael: I did see it and it was impressive. I've seen probably a dozen of his fights, including all of his title fights. I actually had him 20th in the p4p list for a little while but he was moved out when someone else entered. But he is very good. I wrote about him in my blog today. I'd like to see him come here to fight one of those guys but I am not sure how realistic it is.

Chris (Hartford, CT): D$. great tribute column to gatti. the wilson rodriguez fight is the one that turned me from a casual fan into a freak too

Dan Rafael: Thanks.

Jose (CA): Dan, on that tournament- are the fighters required to fight all 3 fights? Can they say no mas after 1- especialy if they get KOd badly.

Dan Rafael: You can't make a fighter fight but they have all agreed to the tournament.If one gets injured, retires, moves up, goes to jail, whatever, there are contractual mechanisms for Showtime to put in a replacement.

Jeff (NH): Hey Dan, RIP to Thunder gatti...he was the true definition of the term "Prizefighter" giving the crowd its money worth was just as important to Arturo as the victory was.

Matt (Charlotte): Dont sleep on taylor.... if he can work on his conditioning and not get KOd ..hes going to win this easily

Dan Rafael: He's been working on his conditioning for about nine years.

Pete (San Diego): Lesson to boxers: Stay away from strip clubs. It eventually cost Gatti his life. Also cost Floyd all his money.

Nick (Harrisburg, PA): My p4p "biggest hearts" list:1. Gatti2. Vazquez3. Marqeuz (little)4. Marquez (big)5. PacquiaoThoughts?

Dan Rafael: Don't forget Holyfield.

Bing (Philly): Not saying it Lesnar was right but,Dan, you said it yourself before, they are different sports. You wouldn't expect a reaction b-ball players make at a golf tournement. A UFC crowd/atmosphere is different than boxing

Dan Rafael: So giving your customers the finger is OK right?

Dominic (San Francisco): The Rodriguez fight was an amazing comeback and made me a HUGE fan. I wish I could of met him and thanked him for all the amazing moments he provided. Thanks for all the great tributes Dan!

Kapono (Honolulu): How far do you see Nonito Donaire moving up in weight during his career?

Dan Rafael: He says he'd like to go all the way up to junior featherweight or featherweight.

Jeff (NH): Hey Dan, RIP to Thunder gatti...he was the true definition of the term "Prizefighter" giving the crowd its money worth was just as important to Arturo as the victory was.

Eric (Allentown): I don't know after the beating he took and still finishing the fight even though he could have quit I think Cotto is starting to creep into my top "heart" guys

James (Athens): Hey, Nick from PA, you left off Vic Ortiz

Dan Rafael: And don't forget Diego Corrales on the list either.

Dan Rafael: No, no, no. That's his no heart list.

David (Banning): The first time I saw Gatti fight, I was on my way back from Chicago heading to california. Stoped at a hotel In Arizona to sleep, they had free HBO and what do you know there is a fight on it is Gatti Ward 1. Long story short after watching that fight I was to pumped to sleep. RIP my favorite boxer of all time Arturo Thunder Gatti!

Jeff (Phoenix): D$,Maybe maybe Ali never lieterally gave the finger to the fans but he was classless in his actions towards Frazier and Patterson and he gave the USA a figurative finger by his actions over the draft. I love boxing but Ali was just as disgusting as Lesnar and boxing writers always give Ali a pass.

Dan Rafael: The depths of your cluelessness is stunning. Are you actually comparing Muhammad Ali's refusal to enter the draft because of religious reasons to Borck Lesnar's flipping the bird to the crowd after his UFC fight? You comment might be the all-time dumbest comment in the histort of these Freak chats.

Dan Rafael: Exactly.

Bing (Philly): Tell Jeff they do now but go to a library and check some periodicles from that era

Neil (Ohio): Are Gatti's parents still alive? They had to be relieved when he retired from boxing, only to have this happen. He will be sorely missed.

Dan Rafael: His mother is alive. His father died when he was a boy.

Heath (Lakeland): A legitimate politcal statement regarding something that can be as horrific as war does not compare to a dispute over light beer.

Dan Rafael: Sanity prevails. I am still in shock over the utter stupidity of that comment.

John (NJ): Dan...I have to lean no on Gatti in the HOF. he never beat an all-time great. He has wins over a few very good fighters (Patterson, Ruelas, etc..) and had a dominant win against Dorin, which is probably his most impressive. But he was annihilated whenever he stepped way up in class.

Dan Rafael: You are entitled to your opinion but you missed the point of my reason why I would be inclined to vote for him.

Zach (MPLS): Dan even if Cloud-Woods opens the FNF telecast $190,000 for a fight the champs promoter bid $100,000 for, what is your estimate on how much Richy Boy Promotions will lose?

Banishment (Present): Jeff, take a walk

Banishment (ESPN): Ummmm.. Jeff Sandwhich for lunch.. I'm starving!

Dan Rafael: They'll make a few bucks from ESPN and share the gate but they will lose money. Quite a bit.

Chris (Nashville): Daminal, I was a huge Pavlik fan, but with this tournament, he reminds of the the kid who didn't get picked for kickball, and then says "I didn't want to play anways."

Jeff (NH): My fondest gatti memory was watching Ward-Gatti 1 with my Dad and new Wife the night we returned from our honeymoon. The livingroom was electric. My dad is rather emotionless, however we shared a high five and a hug after the fight.

chrisdiggidy (oklahoma city, ok): Dan, you and I also agree on the comment about HBO getting with the program and showing clips/highlights/knockouts on ESPN or other outlets. Boxing probably has the highest replay value of any sport. Most people that watch boxing are going to watch the replay even if they know how it ended anyways. It's almost impossible to go a whole week without finding out who won a PPV fight before you see it the next week anyways. Am I right?

Dan Rafael: I totally agree. Do you think if someone sees a 10 second highlight it will make them not watch the fight on replay? Some people might tune in to see the whole fight because they saw the knockout.

Keith H (Seattle): Dan, as an aside, I recommend checking out Jason Whitlock's column on foxsports.com re: Steve McNair and Gotti. I think you'll find it intresting.

Dan Rafael: I actually read it and it was good. Basically talks about why pro athletes should never get married. Worth a read.

Christopher (Linz, Austria): Dan is there any chance of Hopkins-Pavlik II happening?

Dan Rafael: Do you have something against Pavlik?

Greg (Los Angeles): Dan anything in the works for Joel Julio?

Dan Rafael: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the Love Child. Nothing at the moment.

Hinrich (Germany): Hey Dan, i am daydreaming about Hasegawa vs. Agbeko. That would be a classic. Who would you pick and what are the chances of that fight ever coming to life? Slim or none?

Dan Rafael: Terrific fight. You never know.

jonny boy (orlando): What are the chances of Adamek- B-Hop next yr. Who ya' got if they do it?

Dan Rafael: I think there's a chance but who knows? I know it is something HBO is interested in and something Main Events and Adamek are interested in. It can happen if Hopkins and Golden Boy are realistic and not bullies in the negotiating.

Fat Cat (Dopeville, S.C.): Maybe I don't understand because I'm a Mayweather fan, but why is it ok for De la Hoya to fight Pacquiao and for Shane Mosley to pathetically beg for a Pacquiao fight, and it's not ok for Floyd to fight Marquez? Didn't both Oscar and Shane fight at as much as 160 before?

Dan Rafael: Because Shane and Oscar never ducked anyone. They fought them all. Oscar fought virtually every single tough fight out there the fans wanted to see. Dude fought Hopkins for crying out loud. He fought Trinidad, Quartey, Mosley twice, Whitaker, Vargas, all the top guys. Mosley fought Oscar twice, Forrest twice, Collazo, Margarito, Winky twice. Come on. All I'm asking for is Mayweather fight ONE top welterweight. ONE! Is that too much to ask of a guy who says he is the greatest of all time?

Bing (Philly): How is Ward getting left of these biggest hearts lists?

Dan Rafael: Good point. I would Erik Morales on there as well.

Dan Rafael: And Marquez.

Chris (Hartford, CT): 9th round. 'nuff saidhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIw0NsuaPzI

Chris Metler (Toronto): With him slated to face Abraham, Ward, and then Kessler, do you think it is possible Jermain Taylor that goes 0-3 in this tournament?

Dan Rafael: It's possible that more than one of them goes 0-3.

Bing (Philly): Shane also fought Cotto and Judah

Dan Rafael: Jesus, you are right. He fought so many top guys, you forget sometimes. With Mayweather, it's easy because he never fought an elite welterweight.

Dan Rafael: Hold up -- Mosley didn't fight Judah, but he did fight a prime Cotto./p>

Jamesa (Ottawa): Danlomaniac, saw KISS live at the Ottawa Bluesfest and I'll admit I am not a fan of their music, but their live show absolutely blew me away. Freakin' awesome. Best show so far in a week and a half of live shows.

Steve (NYC): Adamek- Gunn drew around 6,000. Hopkins needs to remember that Adamek is a draw on his own. Hopkins sure isn't.

Jonathan (Northern VA): OMG! Dan, you just PWND Fat Cat!

Dan Rafael: What the hell is PWND?

Jonathan (Northern VA): He was going to fight Judah but just knocked out Mayorga with a NASTY left hook instead!

Jr (San Jose): Is Ward fighting Kessler in Oakland as a first round fight in the tournament?

Dan Rafael: Probably in Oakland.

Pete (SLC): Dan what do you think of Dzindziruk? Is this going to be another easy night for Williams

Dan Rafael: I think it's a very solid fight. I would favor Williams but it's not an easy fight.

Chris (Concord, CA): What do you think we can expect on FNF tonight? Will Prescott win in a blowout or do you expect it to be a tough fight for him?

Dan Rafael: I'm not really sure. Vazquez is tough and I think Prescott's power might be a little overrated.

Big Heart (Cocoa Beach): Little Red Lopez, Saad Muhammed, and Freddie Roach.

Dan Rafael: Bobby Chacon and Boza Edwards also.

Tim (LA): Dan, considering bang for the buck, if you had to choose would you go to Ward-Kessler in Oakland on 11-7 or Pacman-Cotto 11-14?

Dan Rafael: I love Kessler-Ward but no way do I miss Cotto-Pacman.

Yorkis (Philly): Very sad today. Lots of great memories of Thunder. Your columns and reflections have helped us all cope with this better. Thanks, Dan!

Dan Rafael: Thanks. It took me a few days to be able to write my column from earlier in the week. I knew I had to do it and finally at like 3 am Monday night/Tuesday morning I sat down and just wrote it from the heart.

Brandon (San Diego): Rafael,Correct me if I'm wrong. Didn't Floyd beat Carlos Baldomir when he was the undisptued Welter weight champ?

Jeff (NH): Floyd told Brian kenny he gets a $2mil/ month allowance...do you believe him?

Dan Rafael: I think we've been over this. Yes, Badly was champ but he was not even close to the best or elite. Are we clear?

Dan Rafael: No.

Paul (Carlsbad, CA): My deepest condolences to the Gatti family for the loss. I will always remember the first fight with Ward as it was on my birthday and had a few friends over and we were going nuts over the action in that fight.

Frank (PR): I heard somewhere that Clottey v Mosley was in the works...is that even remotely true?? If so, who you got?

Dan Rafael: Not true.

steven (louisville, ky): is james kirklands career over?

Dan Rafael: Probably not. When he is out of prison, he'll resume his career. He'll be locked up probably at least the rest of this year but he's supposed to be out soon.
steven (louisville, ky): what are your thoughts on the solis-johnson heavywieght fight?

Dan Rafael: Pretty interesting. The winner will have some good opportunities.

Carl (Bronx, NY): Dan, why do you still have Israel Vasquez rated ahead of Lopez and Caballero at 122 lbs.?

Dan Rafael: Vazquez is THE champion.

D (Los Angeles, CA): Dan, what is your take on fighters leaving their belts for big fights? Why not defend your belt against mandatories instead of waiting an entire year for nothing to happen...i.e. (Shane Mosley). Shane should fight his mandatory and stop crying.

Dan Rafael: They do it for money and prestige. Mosley's mandatory is not due. This is a business.

Chris (Concord, CA): Does Humberto Soto have anything in the works?

Dan Rafael: Nothing really. There is some talk about a possible fight with Guerrero late in the year if Guerrero beats Klassen on Aug. 22.

jcs (Winnipeg): Can you explain to me why Wladimir is nowhere on your top 20 p4p list? the guy makes a habit of retiring fighters and has been pretty damn dominant.

Dan Rafael: P4P is way to compare everyone else, in part, to the heavyweight champion. I would only rate a heavyweight if he was so obviously the best fighter in boxing.

Alan (Plantation, FL): Dan, I know you don't like the fact that Mayweather chose to fight Marquez over Mosley, but do you think Mosley would beat Mayweather? I think he would have a good chance, but Mayweather is too quick for Mosley at this point in his career.

Dan Rafael: I actually don't have a problem with Floyd picking Marquez to fight. Just don't tell me that if you beat him you are the best fighter out there. And don't tell me he "deserves" the fight. And don'tlie about the weight. He can fight whomever he wants. And I will voice my opinion.

Jorge (San Diego): Dan ever thought of getting a twitter for breaking news and such?

Dan Rafael: I've considered it.

Steve (Chicago): Do you know if Fernando Guerrero is fighting this weekend?

Dan Rafael: He was supposed to but he banged up his hand about a week or so ago and his fight is off.

John (Ottawa): Dan, why is Andre Ward taking a tuneup fight so close to the start of the tournament? There is always the risk of suffering a bad cut or injury or even a loss. It's not as if he's been inactive for a long time.

Dan Rafael: I agree. It's crazy.

juan (bay area): hey dan any word on when tix 4 pac vs cotto go on sale if

Dan Rafael: They have to make the fight first. Relax.

Hector (Mass): Celestino Caballero is trashing Juan Manuel Lopez every chance he gets, but Lopez just repeats the same thing about Caballero not being financially viable. Is fighting the Lontchi's and Mtagwa's of the world that lucrative that he wouldn't want to make the best fight in the 122 lb. division? Will this be another Pavlik-Abraham by Arum?

Dan Rafael: Sure, I'd love to see Lopez-Caballero but Caballero needs the fight desperately. Lopez made more money to fight Lontchi than Caballero made to unify with Molitor. Lopez is a revenue-generating fighter. Caballero is a revenue draining fighter. He's good but means nothing economically to Lopez.

jcs (Winnipeg): You're absolutely right on about Floyd - I can't even stand listening to the guy squirm his way through interviews without addressing his ridiculous lack of top welters on his resume. I love seeing BK call him out, in addition to yourself.

David ((Winston-Salem, NC)): If you had to pick your prospect of the year today, who would it be?

Dan Rafael: I don't have to pick it today.

Alan (Plantation, FL): Dan the Man, buy or sell: Mayweather/Marques does more than 600,000 ppv buys?

Dan Rafael: Sell. That's a bit steep.

James (Boston): Dan, do you know if there are alternates in the smw touri if one of the six original fighters were to pull out from a fight? If so, who are they? Thanks

Dan Rafael: There are no alternates signed but I would imagine an Allan Green or Sakio Bika is at the top of the list.

Ramon (NYC): Hahaha PBF claims to be a main draw and won't even sell 600k PPV's.

Nick (Harrisburg, PA): Dan, who sells more PPV buys...Pac/Cotto or Money/Marqeuz?

Dan Rafael: Pac-Cotto will sell way more than No Money-JMM.

kevin (boston): don't have him make a prospect pick yet, I like a couple of them and don't want to see them "cursed."

Dan Rafael: Why are they cursed because I picked a couple that didn't pan out? I've had more hits than misses son.

Berndawg (Chi): GOT, Open Haircut!!!--I see the notebook has JUANMA on 9/26 with Gamboa in a separate bout on Latin Fury 11. Still in the small room at MSG? Date change still possible or will TR stay with that date?

Dan Rafael: Still the MSG Theater. Sept 26 is the date as of now, but you know boxing -- things could change.

Bry (SF): Dan, I read in another site that Vasquez-Marquez 4 will be on ppv, to me it has lost some of it's sizzle and with the Sep. and Nov. ppv, it'll be a tough sell.

Dan Rafael: If it happens, PPV is one option and has been discussed.

Bo (NYC): Hey Dan,I've been hearing that Allan Green is upset for not being included in the Showtime Tourney. Is this the same guy that lost to Miranda and has not a single top guy on his resume? I am not saying he is terrible, but he only has himself to blame for the exclusion!

Dan Rafael: Yes, it's the same guy.<>

mike (costa rica): Dan, there are quotes from clottey in the paper todat that he says its a done deal for november he said he is fighting mosley is it true??

Dan Rafael: Maybe he is fighting Larry Mosley.<>

Charles (Philly): Allan Green was valedictorian of his class at the Winky Wright School of Business; it would have been crazy for Showtime to take the risk of signing him for the tournament. You KNOW he would have pulled SOMETHING, probably on his manager's advice.

Jeff (NH): D$ you have been given a blank check to make any fight ever. What fight do you make?

Dan Rafael: SRR vs SRL.

maui (hawaii): i agree 100% on your take on the lack of highlights boxing ascertains.

Berndawg (Chi): GOT, Open Haircut!!!--I see the notebook has JUANMA on 9/26 with Gamboa in a separate bout on Latin Fury 11. Still in the small room at MSG? Date change still possible or will TR stay with that date?

kevin (boston): don't have him make a prospect pick yet, I like a couple of them and don't want to see them "cursed."

Nick (Harrisburg, PA): Dan, who sells more PPV buys...Pac/Cotto or Money/Marqeuz?

Ramon (NYC): Hahaha PBF claims to be a main draw and won't even sell 600k PPV's.

Jon (DC): Dan, list of top fighters Floyd ducked/didn't fight: Johnston, Casamayor, Freitas, Tszyu, Cotto, Mosley, Pacquiao. List of fighters Floyd instead fought: Ndou, Sosa, Augustus, Corley, Bruseles, washed up Mitchell, Baldomir.

Dan Rafael: Not all of those fights not happening were because of Floyd but you're point is well taken.

Marques (Utica)
: So where does Williams fit in here? And what the heck is Nate Campbell up to? The story seems to be that nobody is fighting anybody unless the money tells them they have to, sad state of affairs, but the norm I'm afraid.

Dan Rafael: Williams will fight this fall. His people and HBO are trying to figure out who. Nate fights Bradley for a 140 belt on Aug. 1 on Showtime.

Brian (DC): Do you think the 2 month postponement helps Marquez a bit? I think it benefits him because it's 2 more months to recover from the war with Diaz, and 2 more months to get used to being at the higher weight.

Dan Rafael: I don't really think it hurts or helps either of them.

Jose (nyc): Dan, I didnt see a lot of coverage of the King Kong vs Vic fight last weekend.Did you catch the fight, and your thoughts on it?Thanks

bill (pgh): If Berto fights Mosley where does it leave Collazo?

Dan Rafael: Did you not read my advance or Monday scorecard?

Dan Rafael: SOL.

Bry (SF): Where the hell did your replies go?

Dan Rafael: Here we go again with his piece of crap software.

mike (NY,NY): dan u criticize floyd for not fighting a top fighter in his division but u let juanma slide for not fighting caballero who is a top 10 p4p guy, make up your mind

Dan Rafael: You are an absulote idiot. Juanma is a young titleholder on his way up who doesn't say he is the best fighter ever. Juanma has time.

Iron Beach (Cape Canaveral, aka Rocket Ranch)
: Hope ya'll saved your reciept for this disaster of a program.

Chris (Staten Island, NY): Juanma is not claiming to be the best in the world and he is ridiculously young. Completely different.

Dan Rafael: I wish I knew.

Brian (DC): Had to step away for 20 minutes, now I check back in and the chat software has deleted all your responses to the questions I missed. Is ESPN ever going to fix this new chat thing?

Frank (PR): Caballero is not a Top10 p4p fighter!!!!!!

Dan Rafael: I never said he was.

Chris Metler (Toronto): Fitting that Roy Jones dresses up as Captain Hook........ Roy has always lived in Neverland.....

Dan Rafael: Ouch.

Raj Singh (San Diego): Dan, do you think Top Rank is rushing Gamboa by putting him on a collision course with JUANMA next year? He's only had like 15 fights and never faced a top contender.

Dan Rafael: He'll fight a couple of time before that fight. Also, Gamboa had like 300-plus amateur fights. He is what he is.

Bo (NYC): Hey Dan,Just saw Mosley's press release - and that he is willing to go to 140!?!? His desperation is starting to make Roy Jones in a pirate costume look semi-respectable.

Dan Rafael: He wants the fight. He ain't gonna get it.

kevin (boston): Hey Dan, I was just curious why ESPN hasn't given the super 6 any coverage on sportcenter, around the horn, pti, ect. By the way, you have done a great job breaking the news and trying to get it as much exposure as possible.

Dan Rafael: Because they probably never heard of any of the guys and don't give a crap. I wish they would have covered it, at least MENTIONED it. We had stuff on it last week on FNF and we will have more tonight.

Rubdini (Seattle,WA): Hey Dan is the fight between Katsidis vs Escobedo almost official for the Mayweather - Marquez undercard?

Dan Rafael: There is no such thing as "almost official." It is not official but is being discussed.

Dan Rafael: Under.

Jess (Mannywood, CA): Over/under David Haye lasting 6 rounds with Vitali??

Bry (SF): Who won the ESPY's fighter of the year and were you there?

Dan Rafael: Pacquiao won. I was not there.

Rob (Nyc): Hey Dan, love your posts. What was your first fight that got you really interested in boxing. I believe i read it was a Gatti fight...right? Mine was John Tate vs Frank Weaver, heavyweight title bout when i was about 8 or 9. thanks.

Dan Rafael: It was the one that got me interested in it. I was a fan as a kid. It was the fight that really got me back into it hardcore.

Ryan Dobroka (Cleveland): You're a clown.

Dan Rafael: You're a jerk. And you are banned.

Jon (Los Angeles): Dan, if you have to put money on it, does Mayweather retire undefeated?

Dan Rafael: No way does he retire undefeated unless he ducks all the top guys forever.

Chris Metler (Toronto): Just wondering how you think CBS could go about contributing to the promotion of this tournament? Just some '24/7'-like specials and such?

Dan Rafael: I think something like or even showing the Showtime fights on a week delay on the network or something such as that.

Melo (Denver): Which top guy Mayweather ducked ?

Dan Rafael: Mosley, Cotto, Margarito, Williams to start with.

Zach (MPLS): Dan, do you have the details of Haye's contract with Vitali? Is it as ridiculous as the one he had with Wlad?

Dan Rafael: His contract with Wlad was not ridiculous at all.

C.M. (Canada): I know you are not an MMA guy, but who do you think deserves a loss more to humble their egotistical ass, Floyd Mayweather or Brock Lesnar?

Dan Rafael: At least Floyd never flipped off the fans who bought tickets to his fights.

Joe (Grand Rapids, MI): It would be hard to flip off fans when he has gloves on....

Dan Rafael: That is hilarious.

Jon (DC): Now that Setanta UK is bust, who is going to pay Haye?

Dan Rafael: His fight with Vitali will be on Sky Box Office, the PPV arm of Sky in the UK.

John (New Jersey): One interesting thing about Floyd is that he's usually pretty respectful to his opponents in the ring and after fights, despite pre-fight trash talk.

Dan Rafael: Very true.

Metty (T.O.): The rematch part of Haye's contract with Wlad was not ridiculous, but locking him into a fight with Vitali was a bit much, don't you think?

Dan Rafael: It was an option, totally normal in the case of a non-mandatory. Besides, a fight with Vitali would be by far his biggest money fight in the event he beat Wlad.
Bruce T (Torrance, CA): how do we get to see the answers that were deleted? are they gone forever?

Dan Rafael: It should be restored later when the tech people get ahold of it. But it's really pissing me off.

Carlos (Atlanta): Do you think HBO would be interesting in putting Adamek- Cunningham II on the undercard of Cotto - Pacquiao ?

RS3 (Stamford CT): How tough is it to cover a major fight when the headliner refuses to answer simple questions like "Are you on target to make weight?" and "How did you injure your rib?"

Dan Rafael: HBO doesn't decide that. Cotto-Pacquiao will be a Top Rank show and neither of those guys are with Top Rank, so there is no chance of that fight being on that undercard.

Yorkis (Philly): Agree 100% that HBO is ridiculous with its highlights. They need to stop living in the early '90s!

Andrew (OH): Guys, switch to the live scrolling chat box. All of the replies still appear to be there.

Dan Rafael: How do you do that?

Phil Randall (San Francisco): Can you remember in recent memory who has lost all their momentum the way Kelly Pavlik has? Seems like nobody outside of Youngstown is all that excited about the guy anymore.

Dan Rafael: It's terrible. It's not Pavlik's fault but he fights in such a horrible division there are no fights anyone cares about especially now with Abraham leaving.

Dave (Edmonton): Adamek vs Golota at the United Center would be interesting...

Dan Rafael: I wouln't pay 1 cent to ever see Golota fight again.

Briks (Philly): What current fight would you most like to see in any weightclass if you had a magic wish? Mayweather-Pacman? Klitschko-Klitschko?

Bruce T (Torrance, CA): how do we get to see the answers that were deleted? are they gone forever?

Dan Rafael: It was an option, totally normal in the case of a non-mandatory. Besides, a fight with Vitali would be by far his biggest money fight in the event he beat Wlad.

Metty (T.O.): The rematch part of Haye's contract with Wlad was not ridiculous, but locking him into a fight with Vitali was a bit much, don't you think?

John (NJ): Bobby Gunn....top 10 lamest optional defenses ever?

Dan Rafael: I'd take both of them.

Dan Rafael: At least. Nice guy, horrific opponent.

Dan Rafael: They get asked a lot about it because everyone wants to see Manny-Floyd.

Kris (salt lake): Dan do you think that Haye is only rated in the top ten by the ring magazine because he is promoted by GBP?

Dan Rafael: He is not rated top 10 because of that. He is rated top 10 because the editors made a terrible, terrible call. One win over Monte Barrett about nine months ago does not a top 10 heavyweight contender make.

sergio (san diego): tell ESPN to stop the insanity and go back to the old chat format!!! I feel like I'm watching a neverending loop of a John Ruiz hug festival and going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken (Brooklyn): What's more annoying, watching John Ruiz fight or this new system for the chat?

Dan Rafael: I'd rather watch 20 Ruiz fights in a row than deal with this chat format.

Mike (New York): Does HBO have interest in a Adamek-Cunningham fight?

Dan Rafael: I think so but I think they'd rather do Adamek-Hopkins, which I can understand.

Joe (Atlantic City): dan why do u have Paul Williams in your p4p list? who has he beaten?

Dan Rafael: Let's see -- KO1 in the rematch with Quintana, beat Margarito, beat Winky Wright. That's pretty good isn't? Williams is a beast.

Dan Rafael: Yes.

Greg (Los Angeles): Is Nate Campbell still with DK?

Joe (Atlantic City): so to you Williams has beaten better opponents than cotto?

Dan Rafael: I didn't say that. But I think he is more talented and on a better run right now than Cotto, who got knocked out by the guy Williams beat (even if there is a question about Margarito chearing).

Dan Rafael: LOL!

Jonathan (Northern VA): Dan, please tell Shane Mosley to get someone who can write, spell, knows grammar, etc to type up his press releases.

kevin (boston): Dan, I am going to the Delvin Rodriguez vs. Isaac Hlatshwayo rematch for my first live fight. How do you expect the rematch to play out? Who do you think won the first bout? And how is Mohegan as a venue

Dan Rafael: Mohegan has a really nice arena. Nice place. I watched the first fight and I felt it was very, very close but I thought Hlatshwayo deserved the nod. I expect a competitive, good fight in the rematch.

Rob (NYC): Just listened to Brian Kenny's 2nd interview witj Mayweather. Does Mayweather ever answer a question about fighting a Top Fight straight or what...I mean come on...

Chris (Los Angeles): Is there still any chance of Winky being on the undercard of the Sept 19th card?

Dan Rafael: No, that is out now. He might have fought had the fight taken place this weekend like it was supposed to. Winky, I am told, is getting married in early August, so the fight in Sept. is not going to happen.

Dan Rafael: OK,Freaks, thanks for the chat today. Hopefully, the tech folks can restore the transcript. Hope you all check out FNF tonight and enjoy today's notebook and blog. Talk to you next week. Peace.