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December 06, 2001

Moosehead: Part II
By Rob Dibble

Rob tells us what he did during his holiday vacation (Part II).

Rob's holiday vacation: Part I

On Day 2, we get an early start. It's time to hit the trails with my brand new snowmobiles: Arctic Cat Panthers 550cc. But mine doesn't start, nor will the pull starter that worked last night.

Am I mad? What do you think? I drove 360 miles to use the stupid thing and it won't start. Now, the nearest town is 45 minutes away. So if I leave right away, I'm back by lunch. Great.

Rob is thankfully hiding the new hairdo under his hat.
Little do I know, just minutes after I leave, my brother-in-law Eric pulls the starter and it works. But remember, no cell phones this far from civilization, and being the moron that I am, I left the walkie-talkie in the house.

Well, $1,200 and two batteries I now don't need later, I'm riding. All is fine.

Don't think for a second that we had a bad trip. The place, Northern Outdoors Resorts near Moosehead Lake in Maine is, to say the least, AMAZING. It truly is God's country up there.

The cabins are all brand new. The lodge is fun, with things for everybody to do. But most everybody sleds -- 300 to 500 miles a day, all over the 90 miles of trails they have. And if that's not enough, Canada is just an hour away and there are hundreds of miles right there for you.

One of the many cool things is all the towns and businesses that you can only get to by snowmobile.
Northern Outdoors Resorts near Moosehead Lake in Maine is amazing. It truly is God's country up there.

One of the places is Berry's Grocery Store. It's like an old trading post dating back a couple hundred years. It was great. Stuffed animals of every kind -- and I'm not taking Beanie Babies, if you know what I mean. Food and goods that a trapper would need from an era that I should have been born in.

What my brother-in-law and I liked, with the no-cell-phone blackout in effect, is that everyone had to eat what we brought back from the store. It was great. Prime rib with gravy over rice with an Entenmann's cake for desert. Marshmallow and chocolate, of course, with Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Some flavor like Fudge Fish, I think. Something or other with marshmallows in it too. Yeah, I'm a health nut.

We all saw a momma moose and her baby, numerous deer and other wildlife. Out of season, wouldn't you know? And having the kids' new Sony Play Station 2 game along made the nights even better. Madden Football and SSX Snowboarding are highly recommended.

Last day: Left at 4 p.m. ET on Saturday, got home at 3:30 a.m Sunday. Why? That nice snowstorm that blew a foot of snow on the East Coast. So we got to stay in Maine a little longer. But we did make it home, just in time to shovel snow all day Sunday.

Back to work.

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