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December 06, 2001

Don't waste your time on XFL
By Rob Dibble

I think people could hear me scream all the way to Las Vegas. After watching the debut of the XFL this weekend, I have one question: Have the people in this country become so disillusioned with the NFL that they will sit and watch this crap on TV?

Don't think for one second that I'm writing this to stop chuckleheads from watching this boring display of entertainment, because I'm not. But from someone who has made billions selling wrestling to the masses, I expected something new and innovative.

I kept asking myself, 'Is that it?' I'm embarrassed for NBC and even for Vince McMahon.

What I got was dull and unimaginative. Any jabroni (to borrow a WWF term) can put that slop out there and hire some strippers to keep us distracted for a while. By the third quarter they had to send us to another game just to keep us from kicking our big-screen televisions!

I kept asking myself, "Is that it? Is that all I'm going to get?" I went down in my basement to work out so I wouldn't choke my dog.

Then I threw in some Godsmack and continued to watch with the sound off. I couldn't stand another minute of listening to Gov. Jesse Ventura tell me what a "great high-school hit that was" as the ball carrier was running out of bounds, or Jim Ross and Jerry Lawlor getting all hot and bothered by some Mons Venus rejects. PLEASE! Tell me you have something better! Tell me that's not it!

I'm embarrassed for NBC and even for Vince McMahon -- not because they duped us but because they managed to make the WWF look even better to me.

If you want to drink beer, see some great athletes trying as hard as they can on the field of battle and get into the game for a low price, go to a minor league hockey or baseball game.

But please don't tell me you had a great time watching the XFL. Don't waste my time. The only reason these losers got carried off the field was because they blew out some part of their Tony Siragusa wannabe bodies.

Thanks for nothing, Vince.

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