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September 07, 2001

Dan Patrick page: 2000 archive

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Dan Patrick's Pie Hole archive:
Dec. 26: Top 10 personalities in sports: Part 2
Dec. 22: Top 10 personalities in sports: Part 1
Dec. 18: Making a Super list
Dec. 15: All about the Benjamins
Dec. 11: NFL MVP still unclear
Dec. 8: Humble Jamison improves
Dec. 5: Beware the coach-quitting epidemic
Nov. 30: Don't hold age against Weinke
Nov. 28: A Tale of Two Superstars
Nov. 21: Down and out and up again in Philly
Nov. 16: A-Team must tread carefully
Nov. 13: What's Tiger protesting?
Nov. 9: Movie review: "Bagger Vance" misses par
Nov. 7: A winner never quits
Nov. 3: Lyrics, contracts dog NBA
Oct. 30: Golf head games
Oct. 25: More October surprises
Oct. 24: Stories galore in world of sports
Oct. 17: BCS leaves no room to dream
Oct. 9: Edmonds enjoys St. Louis honeymoon
Oct. 6: Iverson's rap is Rocker-esque
Oct. 3: Straight A's
Sept. 29: Bengal Blues
Sept. 27: Call them the "Miami Vice" Olympics
Sept. 26: Omar Daal toughs it out
Sept. 22: A Giant success story
Sept. 18: With the Olympics, less is more
Sept. 15: Throw out the records
Sept. 11: The fall of Knight
Sept. 8: For the Birds
Sept. 6: Call him Troy Ache-Man
Aug. 31: A few NFL predictions to ponder
Aug. 28: Tiger is from Mars, but how about Venus?
Aug. 23: A question of value
Aug. 21: In the Tiger's Den
Aug. 15: Identity crisis week in the Big Apple
Aug. 14: On Red alert
Aug. 11: The mighty K.C. and me
Aug. 9: Better baseball through chemistry
July 31: Another Hall of Famer, another Hall of Fame pariah
July 26: When will the Tiger backlash start; how bad will it get?
July 28: A tale of two Roses
July 24: Tiger Woods: What's next?
Book Reviews: Roger Kahn's "The Head Game"
Nick Tosches' "The Devil and Sonny Liston"

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Dan Patrick page: 2001 archive