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April 28, 2003

Outtakes: Dirk Nowitzki

DP drains jumpers with Dirk Nowitzki

Dan Patrick's interview with Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki appears in the April 28 edition of ESPN The Magazine

Dirk Nowitzki
Dirk Nowitzki is a big fan of Lucky Luke the cowboy and his horse, Jolly Jumper.
DP: Did you hear I bet Van Exel that I could beat Shawn Bradley in a 3-point shooting contest?
DN: I've got my money on Bradley.
DP: I have nothing to hide, pal. I'll admit I lost to Avery Johnson.
DN: You lose to The General in 3-point shooting, that's pretty bad.
DP: Aw, man, you just stabbed Avery in the back.

DP: Did you enjoy being Time's Person of the Week in May 2002?
DN: I didn't know I was.
DP: Yeah, for fulfilling the promise of globalization.
DN: I don't know what that means, but it's awesome.

DP: Favorite cartoon character.
DN: I don't watch too much TV. Do you guys have Bugs Bunny over here?
DP: Uh, yeah, Dirk.
DN: Well, you don't have Lucky Luke the cowboy and his horse, Jolly Jumper.
DP: That's because it just sounds silly.
DN: Stop it. Growing up, my idols were Lucky Luke and Jolly Jumper. And Scottie Pippen.
DP: Scottie, huh? Did you have his jersey as a kid?
DN: I had Cedric Ceballos' jersey. Everybody in Germany had Shaq. I wanted Van Exel or Ced.

DP: I only know one other Dirk.
DN: Let me guess: Dirk Diggler.
DP: So you've heard that before?
DN: Yeah. I never watched all of Boogie Nights. I thought it was stupid.
DP: If you could invite any four people to dinner, who'd you pick?
DN: Dennis Rodman, because he knows how to party. Shakira is very good. Steffi Graf, a German hero. Salma Hayek, just for the fun.

DP: Do you still play the saxophone?
DN: Not too much. I started to play the guitar, like, two years ago.
DP: Give me the guitar player you most look up to.
DN: Keith Richards. He's an old man, but he still rocks.

DP: Who's the clown on the team?
DN: That would be Nash for sure.
DP: He's going to lose the hair soon, isn't he?
DN: You see it too? I thought I was the only one! He hides it by combing the long hair to the front. It's sad. Unfortunately, short hair doesn't work so well for him, either.

DP: You served a mandatory stint in the German army from '97 to '98. What was that like?
DN: Basic training was hard. They didn't have a uniform in my size, so I had to run around in sweats. It was embarrassing.
DP: Would you rather have Nellie yelling at you, or a sergeant?
DN: Nellie, definitely. My army sergeant was two feet shorter than me. I wanted to laugh whenever he yelled at me. It was very awkward.

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