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June 25, 2002

On Boone hill
May 28 question: Who had the most career homers: Grandfather Ray Boone, father Bob Boone, or son Bret Boone?
Answer: Bret Boone with 162 HR entering 2002 season. Grandpa Ray hit 151 and father Bob Boone had 105 HR.
Winner: Joe Touchstone

Hull of a question
May 29 question: Who had more NHL regular-season goals, father Bobby Hull or son Brett Hull?
Answer: Brett Hull has 679 upon completion of the 2001-'02 season. Father Bobby had 610.
Winner: Andrew Johnson, Guilford, Conn.

Little League titan
May 30 question: Sean Burroughs is the starting third baseman for the San Diego Padres. His father was the 1974 AL MVP. Name the famous father. Answer: Jeff Burroughs
Winner: Travis Selleck, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Hey, Norton
May 31 question: The father was the heavyweight champ. The son won Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers. They both share the same name
Answer: Ken Norton Sr. and Jr.
Winner: Chris Murphy, Princeton, Wis.

Grin and Berra
June 3 question: The son named Dale hit 49 homers from 1977-'87. The father hit 358 from 1946-'65. Clearly, their similarities were different. Name the famous father
Answer: Yogi Berra
Winner: Aaron Civiello, Stillwater, Maine

Grant me these binoculars
June 4 question: The son named Grant was named NBA co-rookie of the year in 1994-'95. His father was the NFL Rookie of the Year for 1969-'70. Name the famous dad.
Answer: Calvin Hill
Winner: Paul Morgan, Louisville, Kent.

When Prince's dad was King
June 5 question: The son named Prince was the seventh overall pick, by the Milwaukee Brewers, in Major League Baseball's annual draft that began Tuesday. His father hit 319 homers in a career that spanned 1985-'98, including 51 with the Tigers in 1990. Name the famous dad.
Answer: Cecil Fielder
Winner: Craig Kulas, Milwaukee

Andy Griffith's favorite
June 6 question: The son named John Jr. was the Mariners' first pick in the draft on Tuesday. His father hit 255 career homers from 1968-'82, including 34 with the Kansas City Royals in 1975. Name the famous father.
Answer: John Mayberry
Winner: Jerry Hahn, Corning, NY

Steak a claim
June 7 question: The famous son is named for a steakhouse in King of Prussia, Pa. His father's nickname is a sweet snack. The father was a journeyman forward who averaged 8.7 points per game in 606 career NBA games with the 76ers, Clippers and Rockets. The son is aiming for his third straight title with the Lakers this week. Name the famous father-son duo.
Answer: "Jellybean" Joe Bryant and Kobe Bryant
Winner: Lou Palladino, Cromwell, Conn.

Hockey royalty
June 10 question: The grandfather was named to The Hockey News' Top 50 players of all-time and led the Toronto Maple Leafs to three Stanley Cups. The son scored 183 NHL goals in a career that spanned 1970-'80, including a 32-goal season with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 75-'76 season. The grandson was a recent standout on the Princeton University team. They were all known by the same name.
Answer: Syl Apps
Winner: Eric Van Patten, Indianola, Iowa

Auto-matic answer
June 11 question: Junior won two Indy 500 titles during the 1990's. Senior still has twice as many Indy 500 wins. Name the famous dad. Answer:Al Unser
Winner: Jim Orr, Hatboro, Pa.

Rote learning
June 12 question: Junior was a soccer great, leading the North American Soccer League in scoring in 1973. Notably, he won ABC's "Superstars" competition three times. Senior was a pass-catching great for the New York Giants in the 1950s. Name the famous dad.
Answer:Kyle Rote
Winner: Tom Bush, Jr., Norfolk, Va.

Love of the game
June 13 question: The son tees off at the U.S. Open today. He wrote a book about lessons his father taught him. The father played the 1964 Masters. Name the famous father
Answer: Davis Love II
Winner: Kevin Harris, Waxahachie, Texas

Big Red Machine
June 14 question: The son now plays for the Cincinnati Reds. The father didn't do too badly with that team, helping the Reds to consecutive World Series titles in 1975 and '76. The father's career spanned 1973-'91, including 2,143 hits and a career .296 average. Entering June 14 games, the father's batting average is one point higher than the son's career mark. Name the famous father.
Answer: Ken Griffey Sr.
Winner: Todd Farris, Mt. Pulaski, Ill.

Lucky 13 for Sandy
June 17 question: His son Robbie's double sparked a rally that paced the Mets past the Yankees, 3-2, on Sunday. His other son catches for the Chicago White Sox and has hit 101 homers in 3,765 career at-bats. The father hit 13 in a career that spanned 1964-'78. Name the famous father.
Answer: Sandy Alomar
Winner: Josh Dambroski, Amherst, Wis.

One love, one heart
June 18 question: The son Rohan played linebacker for the University of Miami (Fla.). Rohan is married to Grammy award-winning Lauryn Hill. Name Rohan's famous musician father.
Answer: Bob Marley
Winner: Saturnino Garcia, Philadelphia

Schayes on boards
June 19 question: The son Danny had a long career as an NBA center, debuting with the Jazz in 1981 as first-round pick out of Syracuse. His last NBA team was the Timberwolves in 1999, finishing with a 7.7 points per game, 5.0 rebound per game average. The father is a Basketball Hall of Famer who was selected to 12 consecutive All-Star Games. During his career, he scored 19,249 points and grabbed 11,256 rebounds. Name the famous father.
Answer: Dolph Schayes
Winner: Allan Goldberg, Brooklyn, NY

QB family
June 20 question The quarterback son Brian is entering his sixth NFL season with a completion percentage of 60.6. The Hall of Fame father led the Dolphins to two Super Bowl titles. Name the famous father.
Answer: Bob Griese
Winner: Michael Brownell, Johnstown, NY

The original BB
June 21 question: The son Barry hit two home runs for Arizona State in two College World Series appearances (1983-'84). The father hit 332 homers in a big-league career that spanned 1968-'81. Name the famous father.
Answer: Bobby Bonds
Winner: John Gomez, Brunswick, Maine

Doggie treat
June 24 question: The son Eduardo is in his eighth major league season. He has three homers so far this season for the Cardinals. The father hit 379 homers in a big league career that spanned 1964-'86. Name the famous father.
Answer: Tony Perez
Winner: Scott Catterson, Port Angeles, Wash.

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