Who said the big four were boring?

They may not be able to match Ernests Gulbis in the interview department, but the top four all have their moments of humor or controversy -- at times even sounding a little like Gulbis himself. Here's a look at their interview styles, and a small sampling of their more memorable quotes.

Roger Federer

Federer's news conference humor (or sarcasm) tends to come in the form of reflexive quips when a question is asked, after which a more elaborate answer usually follows.

"Progressing in the draw." -- on what would signal that Rafael Nadal is playing well in his return to hard courts (2013).

"I'm definitely not going to do that, especially with my little left arm. It would be a bit embarrassing to do that." -- on whether he would rip his shirt like Novak Djokovic (2013).

"Confidence, are you kidding me? I mean, please." -- on whether Djokovic's return winner on match point was due to confidence (2011).

"I know he'd like to win the first for British tennis since what is it, 150,000 years?" -- on facing Andy Murray in the Australian Open final (2010).

Rafael Nadal

Nadal's jokes are usually self-deprecating, and he also often draws laughter for his quizzical facial expressions and arched eyebrows. He has become more outspoken as he has become older and his English has improved.

"If you understand that the best player hits every ball as hard as you can -- doesn't matter if the ball goes in or goes out -- maybe he was the best player today. If the best player was the one who tried to find solutions against a difficult opponent and this player had a good fight in every moment, the right attitude in every moment, if that's something, probably the best player today won." -- on Gulbis saying that he had been the better player in his match against Nadal.

"I am not Sharapova." -- on whether he designed his own shirt (2012).

"Play very bad, please." -- on what an opponent should do against him (2011).

"My body is perfect, no? Physically speaking." -- hastily clarifying that he was talking about injuries (2008).

"I think I gonna do serve and volley." -- on how he was going to play Djokovic after losing six straight times (2011).

Novak Djokovic

Djokovic occasionally cracks a joke but doesn't tend to be a laugh a minute in his news conferences, even though he does plenty of kidding around in causal settings. The Serb was much less restrained earlier in his career.

"I know you have to, but make it look like you want to." -- on many of the media staying for his news conference after the Australian Open final (2012).

"If I win Wimbledon, I'm gonna get naked probably." -- on being told that Goran Ivanisevic stripped to his underwear after winning (2007).

"I don't know if I should say that, but the roof on center court." -- on what he would change about the US Open, after playing in rain-delayed finals two years straight.

"For sure he's the best on this surface, but he's not unbeatable. I realized that. He was not feeling too comfortable." -- after retiring down two sets against Nadal in the 2006 French Open quarterfinals, when Djokovic also said he felt he had been "in control" of the match (2006).

Andy Murray

Murray claimed to be deliberately boring in news conferences in a recent interview, but tosses out plenty of sharp and witty remarks despite his monotone delivery. But he does temper his comments more than when he first came on tour.

"But that's what all of the real grunters say." -- on being told his opponent hadn't thought his grunting would annoy Murray. (2013).

"I've been asked what's it like not to be asked that question anymore." -- on what question he no longer gets asked after winning the US Open (2012).

"I grimace after most points, anyway." -- on whether he was feeling pain in his ankle (2011).

"The only positive thing to come out of this match is that I now know that I can definitely get up there into the top 100. Hernych is a pretty average player. If he can get that high in the world, then I don't see why I can't, either." -- on losing to Jan Hernych (2005).

Gulbis feels the top four are boring interviews. So how does he compare?

"Some guys [in the top 100], I'm sorry, with respect -- they can't play tennis." -- after falling out of the top 100.

"I was the better player. I was still the better player in the second set. I think I was still the better player in the third set." -- after losing to Nadal in Rome.

"I'm really happy that I didn't choke in the end, as usual." -- after defeating Tomas Berdych in the first round at Wimbledon.

"I like that the marijuana here is legal." -- on Rotterdam. "Unfortunately, tennis players cannot do that. We get checked every week," he added. (OK, this you won't get from any of the top four.)