Court delays John Tomic case to Oct.

MADRID -- A Madrid court has postponed the trial of the father of Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic because the victim of an alleged assault was unable to attend a hearing.

John Tomic was charged with assaulting his son's hitting partner, Thomas Drouet, after allegedly head-butting him near their hotel before last week's Madrid Open.

Drouet said he was left with a broken nose and temporarily needed a neck brace.

A hearing was scheduled for Tuesday but the Madrid court said it has been postponed until October because Drouet is abroad and unable to attend.

The court said John Tomic is free to leave the country but will be required by law to return when a new date is set.

Bernard Tomic, Australia's highest-ranked singles player and a Wimbledon quarterfinalist in 2011, has withdrawn from this week's Italian Open, a key clay court warm-up for the French Open.

Australian tennis authorities told the Associated Press last week that they're focusing on getting Bernard Tomic ready for the second major of the season.

"From our perspective now, it's about knowing that we have to do what we can for Bernard for the upcoming events," Tennis Australia head of professional tennis Todd Woodbridge told AP.

Australia's Davis Cup coach, Josh Eagle, has been in contact with Tomic in Madrid, while Woodbridge and Davis Cup captain Pat Rafter, a two-time U.S. Open champion and two-time Wimbledon finalist, will be in Paris to support the 20-year-old later in the month.

Woodbridge said with the French Open and Wimbledon coming up, Tomic needed to be concentrating on his game, not his father's off-court situation.

"This is nothing to do with Bernard. This is John (Tomic's) issue that has to be dealt with," he said. "But obviously we've to get him focused on playing tennis over the next couple of months and put this aside.

"We want him to, I suppose, find some sanctuary on the court."