Bears defensive end Bryan Robinson calls Brian "Grrr-Lacker" because Urlacher is "about as fierce and scary a mother as has ever come along."
At the University of New Mexico, Brian played the "Lobo" position - a roving defensive back who's main responsibility is to wreak havoc all over the field.
Besides the "Lobo" spot, Brian also saw time as a tight end and fullback on offense, while still finding time to return kicks on special teams and playing a little d-back when the team needed him to.
As a high school football star in Lovington, New Mexico, Urlacher and his best friend both made a pact not to touch alcohol. They passed the time playing ping-pong and cruising the town's "strip" drinking chocolate milk.
Brian lists Troy Aikman and Moose Johnston as his favorite football announcing tandem.
Urlacher says that he eats at McDonald's almost every day.
The only endorsement deals the 23-year old linebacker has right now are with Nike and a Chicago-based Cadillac dealer. In the past few months however, his agent says he's fielded several calls from Fortune 500 companies looking for Brian's services.
A marketing exec in Chicago says of Brian: "He's got the best of Butkus - quick and hard-hitting, and the best of Mike Singletary - respectful of his teammates, the fans and the other team," making him a potential dream spokesperson.
Brian plays a ton of pickup basketball in the offseason, and acts as a player/coach for a team that features his younger brother and friends.
How hard does Brian Urlacher hit on the football field? He told us that he goes through an average of 4 facemasks a year.

"I want to be the best at everything I do. I want to be the best middle linebacker that ever played this game."

- Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher on ESPN's "The Life"
Sign #1 That Brian Urlacher is Tougher Than You: For an article with The Magazine back in December, he asked of Curry Kirkpatrick, "I mean, how great a life is this? To get to knock people's heads off and not get thrown in jail?" Sign #2 that Brian Urlacher is Tougher Than You: Troy Lenard, Brian's stepfather and role model, disciplined his children with a 2x4 he dubbed "Uncle Henry" when they were little When Brian made his first Pro Bowl last season, he bought all of his defensive linemen Rolexes, because the vets all convinced him that it's a tradition to do so Of his first Pro Bowl trip, Urlacher says that "The worst thing about the week was the game," because "nobody plays hard" Here's a frightening thought: Brian has a little brother who plays football at DII Lake Forest College outside of Chicago. There are some people out there, including his little brother, who say he might be a better athlete than Brian - The NFL's official site and player listings. Hit here for some more background on Brian and the nitty gritty on all of his stats. - "The Brian Urlacher Fan Club" - The spot for all things Brian, including photos, the latest news on the Bears and a forum for Urlacher fans to share their opinions on #54.