A.J. Green and Hank Greenberg on All-Green Team

St. Patrick's Day is to the color green what Thanksgiving is to whole turkeys. If you consume green beer on any day other than March 17, we suggest you may need help or you may have a strange fondness for food coloring. But for that day, go crazy. (Responsibly speaking, of course.) And enjoy the All-Green Team.

A.J. Green: It's not easy being green, but it is apparently fun being Green. The fourth pick of the 2011 NFL draft wasted no time in making an impact, earning a Pro Bowl spot in his 65-catch rookie season. The Bengals, as a result, aren't blue about a future that once seemed clouded by Carson Palmer's refusal to play for them.

Dennis Green: The former NFL coach is best known for wearing the purple of the Minnesota Vikings. And for reminding America that "you play to win the game." And for those Coors Light commercials. But he did have a pretty nice run, directing the Vikings to a 15-1 regular-season record in 1998 and doing his part to keep the team relevant enough to stay in the Twin Cities.

Hank Greenberg: The original Hammerin' Hank preceded Mr. Aaron in the Majors by a quarter-century or so and, like many of his generation, would have put up even bigger numbers without the intercession of war. Still, he was a five-time All-Star and a two-time AL MVP winner. But after missing three full seasons and part of a fourth, Greenberg returned full-time in 1946 and hit 44 homers and drove in 127 runs. Both led the league. And for this, he finished eighth in the AL MVP voting. Nothing could deny him a spot in Cooperstown, however. He was inducted in 1956.

Kyle Greentree: The journeyman hockey player hit the ground in many North American locales, but he didn't plant himself in any of them. He played juniors in British Columbia, college in Alaska and the pro game in Philadelphia, Rockford, Ill., and Hershey, Pa., among others. He did get his chance in the NHL with two-game stints Calgary (2008-09) and Philly (2007-08).

Mike Greenwell: The former Red Sox (1985-96) hitter qualifies on two counts: The last name has the color and so does his nickname, Gator. He acquired the latter for (allegedly) capturing an alligator near the spring training site in Winter Haven, Fla., taping its mouth shut and placing it in the locker of teammate Ellis Burks. If all of that is true, we think we can put Greenwell on just about any type of team.