Stories from the stands

They have menacing handles like "Darth Raider," "Big Nasty," "Mad Jack" and "The BoneLady," and certainly dress the part.

Others are known for their stalwart team devotion and iron-man runs of games attended.

Many are as much a part of the franchise identity as the players.

Collectively they are 32 of the NFL's most colorful fans, and these are their "Stories from the stands."

Since it is such a subjective selection, we asked each team to pick the follower that best represents the spirit of the franchise.

You'll be introduced to Steve LaPlanche, who hasn't missed a professional football game in Baltimore since 1956.

Bill Stieffel isn't far behind, having witnessed all but three Saints home tilts since the franchise started in 1967.

Julie Tucker is so enamored with her team from Jacksonville she's considered having her name officially changed to Jaguar Julie. Talk about dedication.

We hope you enjoy their tales, as told by our freelance writers Brett Borden, Anna Katherine Clemmons, Kristian Dyer, Tony Guadagnoli, Christopher Klein, Stuart Levine, Rich Martin and Doug Ward. I've even penned a few myself. Here's the Divisional breakdown:

NFC East
NFC North
NFC South
NFC West
AFC East
AFC North
AFC South
AFC West

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