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 Tuesday, February 6
2001 'Did You Know' archive

February 2001

February 6
The fewest games to 100 wins by a coach at 1 school in NCAA Division I history is 110 by James Freeman at St. John's.
February 5
The only players to win NCAA Division I and NBA scoring titles during their careers are Paul Arizin, Rick Barry and Pete Maravich.
February 3
The longest span between NHL All-Star appearances is 13 years by Wendel Clark (1986-1999).
February 2
Since 1969, the youngest player in a NHL All-Star game is Steve Yzerman, who was 18 years, 8 months and 22 days whe he played as a rookie in 1984.
February 1
Since 1993-94, the only player to score more goals than the Capitals' Peter Bondra and the Mighty Ducks' Teemu Selanne is the Penguins' Jaromir Jagr.

January 2001

January 31
Teemu Selanne holds the NHL record for goals in a single calendar month with 20 (March, 1993).
January 30
The only active head coaches in college or the NFL who have won at least 50 games in both college and the NFL are John Robinson and Joe Walton.
January 29
Shannon Sharpe Den, Bal Harry Swayne Den, Bal & Herb Adderley GB Dal are the only players in NFL history to win 11 straight postseason games.
January 27
The only Heisman Trophy winners who have played in a Super Bowl the season after winning the award are Mike Garrett (SB I) and Tony Dorsett (SB XII)
January 26
The fewest combined wins by the Head Coaches of a Super Bowl is 51 by Raymond Berry of the Patriots and Mike Ditka of the Bears in Super Bowl XX.
January 25
The only player in NFL history to play in Super Bowls for 3 different franchises is Preston Pearson (BAL, PIT, DAL)
January 24
The only other time neither Super Bowl starting QB was selected to play in that year's Pro Bowl was in the 1970 season (Johnny Unitas BAL & Craig Morton Dal).
January 23
The first player to play for 2 different teams in the Super Bowl was Bill Curry (Packers- Super Bowl I; Colts- Super Bowl III & IV).
January 22
The fewest postseason total YPG for a team heading into the Super Bowl is 213.5 by the Cowboys following the '71 season (S.B. VI).
January 20
The teams with the lowest ranked defenses in the NFL to win a Super Bowl are the '87 Redskins and the '76 Raiders, both ranked 18th in the league
January 19
The only two coaches to be the first head coach for 2 different NFL teams are Lud Wray ('32 Braves, '33 Eagles) and Paul Brown ('46 Browns, '68 Bengals)
January 18
The former NFL head coaches that had the longest careers as players were Bart Starr and Sammy Baugh (16 years).
January 17
The NHL record for the most career OT goals is 11 by Steve Thomas and Frank Finnigan.
January 16
Since World War II, the most consecutive years that a pitcher was not inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame was six (1956-61)
January 15
The longest win streak in any division in either men's or women's college basketball belongs to the women's team at Washington Univ. (St. Louis) at 81 games.
January 13
The player with the highest career PPG average without playing in the NBA Finals is George Gervin (26.2 PPG 10 seasons)
January 12
The record for most consecutive games played at another team in an NFL season/playoff series is 10. Cardinals at Redskins ('34-47) Cardinals at Giants ('35-48)
January 11
The coach with the worst career win percentage who won a super bowl is Weeb Ewbank (.502).
January 10
The player with the most career regular season games who's never appeared in an NFL Championship game is Gary Anderson with 293.
January 9
The longest span between hat tricks in NHL history is 11 years, 345 days by Dit Clapper (3/9/33 to 2/17/45).
January 8
The only coaches to reach the NCAA Tournament Final and the NBA Finals during their careers are Harold Olsen ('39 OSU, '47 Stags) & Fred Schaus ('59 WVU, '60 Lakers)
January 6
The quickest touchdown ever scored in a playoff game was 12 seconds in, by Guy Ruff of Pittsburgh on Jan 9, 1983 vs. SD
January 5
The Steelers' John Stallworth holds the NFL record for most consecutive playoff games with a TD reception (8 games).
January 4
The record for the most different teams coached in NFL history is 6 by Roy Andrews (1923-31).
January 3
The school that's gone the longest since last winning a media poll National Championship is TCU (1938).
January 2
The coach with the best unbeaten streak in bowl game history is Howard Jones (5-0 with USC).
January 1
The record for the most career TD passes in bowl game history is 10 by Iowa's Chuck Long.


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