'Madden 10': The Not-So-A Team

Madden NFL 10


Most embarrassing stat: Sams' 34 rating for Tackle.

Not only does Sams have a 34 Tackle rating, he is also the lowest overall rated player in "Madden 10." He couldn't knock the leg off a Turducken.

Most embarrassing stat: 42 rating for Play Recognition.

Opposing quarterbacks could shout the play at the line of scrimmage and virtual Wallace still wouldn't know what was coming.

Most embarrassing stat: Signing Bonus - $0

Not sure if this number is true, but couldn't his agent at least get the Saints to hook Reis up with a gift certificate to Best Buy or something?

Most embarrassing stat: 5 rating for Short Throw Accuracy.

Not that you want your middle linebacker throwing the ball, but 5!?! Mitchell is the type of guy who tosses you your keys and they smash through the front window.

Most embarrassing stat: Craig's 12 rating for Catch.

Only way Craig intercepts the ball is if it gets stuck in his face mask.

Most embarrassing stat: Scott's 48 rating for Agility.

Scott's Rams teammate Adam Carriker has the top agility rating for a DT at 72. You would think they use the same gym.

Most embarrassing stat: Dixon's 10 rating for Spin Move.

Will never be mistaken for Michael Jackson.

Most embarrassing stat: 33 rating for Strength.

Novak couldn't even pick up a PSP if he wanted to play "Madden" on the road.

Most embarrassing stat: 10 rating for Ball Carrier Vision.

Eric Wilbur equals the proverbial blind bat in the open field, without the benefit of echolocation.


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