Pop quiz!

Welcome to the 2009 WNBA draft quiz, the impossible-to-grade test where every answer is potentially correct!

That's because nobody ever really knows on draft day how each team's picks are going to pan out. Sure, there are some strong opinions, and some selections seem like surefire boons or busts. But nothing is really certain.

Too many things can happen. There are the usual late arrivals, people who are better/worse than expected after their winters overseas, injuries, rookies who surprise coaches with their tenacity, rookies who don't measure up.

Predicting how the draft went is just an educated guessing game, and sometimes you can even leave the "educated" out. It's just a guessing game. But don't worry, there's neither a reward nor a penalty for your performance on this draft quiz … because, as we said, there are no wrong answers! Not yet, anyway.

1. The Atlanta Dream's chemistry will be …
A) Fine, because No. 1 pick Angel McCoughtry of Louisville will blend in well in a second-year franchise that has a lot of new faces.

B) Dependent on the mood everyone's in from day to day.
C) No more combustible than, say, a tank of gasoline next to a fire.

2. The Chicago Sky wanted a point guard, and …
A) Made the right choice with Maryland's Kristi Toliver over UConn's Renee Montgomery.
B) Could have gone either way and it would have worked.
C) Asked, "What's the opposite of what the Mystics would do?" … but then did the opposite of that.

3. Oklahoma's Courtney and Ashley Paris were drafted by Sacramento and Los Angeles, respectively. To adjust to being truly separated for the first time, the Paris twins will consult …
A) The Miller twins, Kelly and Coco.
B) The Minnesota Twins … no, wait, that's stupid.
C) A Hollywood agent, now that they're finally ready to drop the bombshell that they're really identical cousins like on "The Patty Duke Show."

4. Phoenix drafted Auburn's DeWanna Bonner and Seattle picked Cal's Ashley Walker with their first selections. The one who'll be teammates with Lauren Jackson is …
A) Walker, because LJ can't leave her buddy Sue Bird in Seattle.
B) Bonner, because Diana Taurasi has convinced LJ that Phoenix is a lot more like Australia.
C) Nobody knows, but Carolyn Peck and Nancy Lieberman are still on the set in Secaucus, N.J., debating it.

5. Detroit Shock coach/GM Bill Laimbeer selected Pittburgh's Shavonte Zellous, figuring that …
A) She was the best guard left when it came to the No. 11 pick.
B) If he needs anything else, he can always trick somebody into a trade that will benefit him more than them.
C) Pitt coach Agnus Berenato will finally stop texting him. Or maybe that has only just started.

6. Maryland's Marissa Coleman has only one worry about being the Washington Mystics' top pick, and that is …
A) Crystal Langhorne gets to call her "rookie" again.
B) When she gets mystery pranked, she'll never be sure whether it was Lindsey Harding or Monique Currie paying her back for 2006.
C) Um, did we mention this is the Murphy's Law Mystics?

7. The Minnesota Lynx draft strategy was …
A) Let's forget what we were going to do because Renee Montgomery is still available!
B) VCU's Quanitra Hollingsworth at the very least gives us one of the longest nonhyphenated names in the WNBA.
C) No need to worry because nothing the franchise does will ever turn out less beneficial to the team than the Katie Smith trade.

8. The Los Angeles Sparks are expecting …
A) There will be a chance to deal some of their wealth of post players -- possibly even draft picks Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton of Purdue and Ashley Paris -- for point guard help.
B) It doesn't matter who the point guard is when you have the likes of Lisa Leslie and Tina Thompson inside.
C) Actually, it's Candace Parker who's expecting.

9. The New York Liberty fans think the draft …
A) Went OK because Rutgers' Kia Vaughn has what they call "upside."
B) Was not very important to the team this year.
C) Was just more proof they are never supposed to be all that happy.

10. The third-round pick most likely to make an opening day roster is …
A) Louisville's Candyce Bingham, who clearly is on a roll, will stick with San Antonio.
B) Unfortunately, none of them are going to make it.
C) Vanderbilt's Jennifer Risper, who'll somehow convince Chicago that a 5-foot-9 guard playing center really is the way to go.

Mechelle Voepel, a regular contributor to ESPN.com, can be reached at mvoepel123@yahoo.com. Read her blog at http://voepel.wordpress.com.