LSU, ex-hoops coach Chatman agree to $160K settlement

BATON ROUGE, La. -- LSU and former women's basketball coach
Pokey Chatman on Friday ended a monthslong dispute, working out a
contract settlement in the wake of her abrupt resignation from the

LSU offered Chatman another $85,000 in postseason bonus money,
on top of the $75,000 both sides agreed she is due under the
disputed contract, for a total of $160,000.

Last week Mary Olive Pierson, Chatman's attorney, proposed that
her client was owed $170,000, arguing that possible postseason
incentives in the contract should be cumulatively added together
instead of being restricted to a capped amount.

LSU System spokesman Charles Zewe said the university decided to
extend the "cumulative" incentive clause to Chatman because other
LSU coaches have such clauses in their contracts.

"It got to be a question of equity," Zewe said. "The only
fair thing to do was to read her contract in that manner too."

In a letter Friday to LSU System general counsel Raymond
Lamonica, Pierson said, "I have been authorized to say the
following: Settlement at $160,000 is acceptable and agreed upon."

Chatman resigned March 7, after assistant coach Carla Berry
raised allegations of improper conduct with a former player or

In an April 13 letter to Lamonica, Pierson said Chatman would
sue the university if an amicable resolution could not be reached
over the remainder of the contract.

"Coach Chatman is very happy that it has been resolved,"
Pierson said late Friday. "It was an amicable resolution, but it
was not too friendly getting here."