Summitt produces great coaches, too

Pat Summitt not only turns out great players at Tennessee, she has also turned out some of the game's top coaches along the way. Heading into last fall, the list of coaches at the pro, college and high school levels stands at 70, and represents 45 former Lady Vols players (P), 14 former graduate assistants (GA), five assistant coaches (A), three managers (M) and three basketball operations directors (BO). A look at the people who have gone on to serve or have served in the coaching ranks (with years spent at Tennessee in parentheses, followed by current or last position):

Professional ranks

Nancy Darsch, A/GA (1978-85): Assistant, Seattle Storm
Danielle Donehew, BO (2001-08): Executive VP, Atlanta Dream
Tanya Haave, P (1980-84): Former head coach, Satila Skene, Sweden
Lisa Harrison, P (1989-2003): Former assistant, Phoenix Mercury
Carla McGhee, P (1986-90): Former WNBA Player Personnel
Carolyn Peck, A (1993-95): Former head coach, Orlando Miracle
Trish Roberts, P (1976-77): Former head coach, Atlanta Glory (ABL)
Heidi VanDerveer, GA (1986-88): Former assistant, Seattle Storm

College ranks

Jody Adams, P (1989-93): Head coach, Wichita State
Jane Albright, GA (1981-83): Former head coach, Wichita State
Kathy Allen, GA (2002-04): Assistant at UAB
Sheila Frost Anderson, P (1985-89): Former assistant, Richmond
Debbie Ayers, GA (1989-90): Assistant, Stony Brook
Alysiah Bond, BO (1998-2001): Assistant, Arizona
Al Brown, A (1991-2002): Assistant, Duke
Greg Brown, A/GA (2002-04): Assistant, Central Florida
Niya Butts, P (1996-2000): Head coach, Arizona
Tasha Butts, P (2000-2005): Assistant, UCLA
Nikki Caldwell, P (1990-94)/A (2003-08): Head coach, UCLA
Shelia Collins, P (1981-85): Former head coach, West Georgia College
Abby Conklin, P (1993-97): Assistant, San Francisco
Kelli Casteel Cook, P (1988-92): Former head coach, Maryville College
Tony Cross, GA (1983-84): Head coach, Belmont
Nancy Darsch, A/GA (1978-1985): Former head coach, Ohio State
Mickie DeMoss, A (1985-2003): Assistant, Texas
Rochone Dilligard, P (1991-94): Former assistant, Austin Peay
Todd Dooley, M (1994-97): Former assistant, Maryville College
Tonya Edwards, P (1986-90): Head coach, Alcorn State
Angel Elderkin, GA (2006-07): Assistant, Virginia
Kyra Elzy, P (1996-2001): Assistant, Kentucky
Sharon Fanning, GA (1975-76): Head coach, Mississippi State
Daedra Charles Furlow, P (1989-91): Assistant, Tennessee
Teresa Geter, P (1997-99): Head coach, Denmark Technical College
Bridgette Gordon, P (1985-89): Assistant, Georgia State
Aubrey Guastalli, P (2005-06): Assistant, Fresno Pacific
Tanya Haave, P (1980-84): Head coach, San Francisco
Sylvia Hatchell, GA (1974-75): Head coach, North Carolina
Cindy Noble Hauserman, P (1978-81): Retired head coach, Centre College
Dean Head, P (1988-92): Former assistant, Central Connecticut State
Marlene Jeter, P (1990-92): Former head coach, Clinton (South Carolina) JC
Bernitha Johnson, M (2003-05): Assistant, Binghampton
Dana Johnson, P (1991-95): Former assistant, Morgan State
Kellie Jolly Harper, P (1995-99): Head coach, Western Carolina
Nancy Bowman Ladd, P (1973-75): Retired head coach, University of the South
Angela Lawson, GA (1989-91): Head coach, University of the Incarnate Word
Cheryl Littlejohn, P (1983-87): Former head coach, Chicago State
Lea Henry Manning, P (1979-83): Head coach, Georgia Stated
Michelle Marciniak, P (1993-96): Former assistant, South Carolina
Nikki McCray, P (1991-95): Assistant, South Carolina
Calamity McEntire, M (2002-03): Director of Basketball Operations, UC Santa Barbara
Carla McGhee, P (1986-90): Assistant, South Carolina
Matthew Mitchell, GA (1999-2000): Head coach, Kentucky
Zandra Montgomery Morris, P (1977-79): Former assistant, Lee
Mary Ostrowski, P (1980-84): Former assistant, Ohio State
Carolyn Peck, A (1993-95): Former head coach, Florida
Shalon Pillow, P (1998-2002): Assistant, Hofstra
Semeka Randall, P (1997-2001): Head coach, Ohio
Jill Rankin Schneider, P (1979-80)/GA (1980-81): Former assistant, Texas
Trish Roberts, P (1976-77): Former head coach, Stony Brook
Joy Scruggs, P (1972-75): Head coach, Emory & Henry College
Amber Stocks, BO/GA (2000-02): Assistant, Xavier
Judy Southard, GA (1977-78): Retired head coach, Marshall
Pam Tanner, GA/A (1990-93): Former head coach, Denver
Heidi VanDerveer, GA (1986-88): Head coach, Occidental College
Holly Warlick, P (1976-80)/A (1986-08): Assistant, Tennessee

High school ranks

Janet Allmon, GA (1983-84): Former head coach, Baldwin (Ga.) HS
Sheila Frost Anderson, P (1985-89): Assistant at Giles Colo. HS
Debbie Ayres, GA (1989-90): Former head coach, California School for the Deaf
Diane Brady, P (1974-75): Former head coach, McMinn Colo. HS
Cindy Brogdon, P (1977-79): Former head coach, Centennial (Ga.) HS; Facilities Director, Northview (Ga.) HS
Debbie Groover Buckner, P (1977-81): Assistant, Woodstock (Ga.) HS
Shelley Sexton Collier, P (1983-87): Head coach, Webb (Tenn.) HS
Abby Conklin, P (1993-97): Former head coach, Trinity (Ill.) HS
Karla Horton Douglas, P (1984-87): Assistant, Webb (Tenn.) HS
Rochone Dilligard, P (1991-94): Former head coach, Lebanon (Tenn.) HS
Tonya Edwards, P (1986-90): Former head coach, Northwestern (Mich.) HS
Cindy Noble Hauserman, P (1978-81): Head coach, Chillicothe (Ohio) HS
Marlene Jeter, P (1990-92): Assistant, Victory Christian Center (N.C.) HS
Dana Johnson, P (1991-95): Assistant, Western High (Md.) HS
Dawn Marsh, P (1984-88): Former head coach, Duluth (Ga.) HS
Zandra Montgomery Morris, P (1977-79): Former head coach, Cleveland (Tenn.) HS (boys team)
Pam Owens, GA (2006): Head coach, Judson (San Antonio, Texas) HS
Jill Rankin Schneider, P (1979-80)/GA (1980-81): Head coach, Monterey (Texas) HS
Suzanne Barbre Singleton, P (1974-78): Former head coach, Maryville (Tenn.) HS
Tiffany Woosley, P (1991-95): Former head coach, Lincoln Country (Fayetteville, Tenn.) HS