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Graham Hays 

Street level view as the Stanford band takes Lexington. Every band needs a Care Bear.

Graham Hays 

Any other school, you might think this was a practice of some sort. With Stanford, you get the feeling they just got bored and took their instruments outdoors.


Charlie Creme 

There was a play with about 6:30 minutes in the 3rd quarter that perfectly illustrated the greatness of UCONN and why the Huskies are so good/better than the rest of the country. Samuelson contested a layup attempt by UCLA and prevented a score without a foul. On the ensuing mini-break all 5 Huskies touched the ball, which barely hit the floor. Two good shots were passed up for a possible better opportunity. That chance arrived in a wide open 3 by Saniya Chong, which she buried. Beautiful basketball at its fundamental best. No one does that as consistently as UCONN.