Tenn Questions: Andraya Carter

This season, as we take a Total Access look at Tennessee, we'll also have quick visits with the Lady Vols. Freshman Andraya Carter, who started the season opener and played in seven games before a season-ending shoulder injury, stands up to our Tenn Questions survey:

1. You underwent shoulder surgery on Dec. 13. How is your shoulder doing now and where are you at in the rehab process?

Andraya Carter: My shoulder is definitely right on schedule. Actually, I'm going to be a little ahead of schedule, but we're not in a rush. I am able to dribble and can run. I do a lot of ballhandling and lower-body lifting. At 12 weeks [post-op], which is next week, I'll be able to start the bench press. I'm doing well. J-Mo [Jenny Moshak, Tennessee's associate athletic director for sports medicine] is happy with where I'm at. The biggest stuff is getting full range of motion. Once I get full range of motion, she's going to allow me to shoot.

2. You are just the 17th Tennessee freshman to start your first career game. What was that like?

Carter: It was incredible just to be in that category of people who started as freshmen. I think the coaches had faith in me to go out there. I was really nervous, but my teammates and coaches were extremely reassuring. Everyone was excited for me. It literally was my dream to come here and use my talents that God has given me. The season started off really well. I loved my role on the team.

3. Who is your basketball idol, either presently or while growing up?

Carter: Definitely Tamika Catchings. Always has been, always. When I met her this year, I may or may not have shed a tear. She showed up for Coach [Pat] Summitt's banner raising. Tamika showed up the day before, at practice. I had talked with her on Twitter [before], but to meet her, to actually know her and talk to her and have a conversation with her is awesome.

4. If you could be any superhero or cartoon character, who would you be?

Carter: Oh man. I think if I could be any superhero, I would probably want to be the Road Runner, because he's super-fast and just runs all over the place, and makes Wile E. Coyote look like an idiot.

5. Did you watch cartoons growing up, and if so, which one was your favorite?

Carter: I liked "Tom and Jerry," all the Warner Bros. cartoons. I was a big Nickelodeon fan. "Rugrats," "Arnold," all those typical cartoons that kids my age were watching.

6. What's your favorite TV show or movie?

Carter: That's so tough. I guess the Olympics, because they're by far the best thing to ever watch on TV. I don't watch much TV. I watch ESPN "First Take," I like watching that a lot. When I was younger, I really used to like "America's Next Top Model." A few years ago it was my favorite show of all time. I would watch the reruns and everything.

I just recently watched "Perks of Being a Wallflower." I don't know if it's my all-time favorite, but I really, really enjoyed that movie. I'm a big book person, and I read that book.

My favorite book of all time is "Catcher in the Rye," no questions asked. I've read it seven times and I get something new out of it every time. I love Holden, I love that there's not really a plot, you're just in his head, and I can get something different out of it. I could continuously read it and not get tired of it.

7. If you could only listen to one singer/musician/band for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Carter: I have an extremely wide variety of music that I listen to. Everything from Drake and Jay-Z to the Beach Boys to Tom Petty to … really up and down, I'll listen to everything. Beyoncé is probably my favorite female artist. I love her. I think she's great.

8. Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

Carter: Before a game, all the time, I always have this blue racquetball with me. Ask anyone, I've literally had it since USA tryouts four years ago, since freshman year [of high school]. It's not the same ball, obviously, they go dead. But I always have a blue racquetball. I'll squeeze it. If I'm walking, I'll bounce it. I'll bounce it against the wall, bouncing it as high as it can go, playing wall ball.

9. Why do you wear No. 14 at Tennessee?

Carter: I wear No. 14 because No. 4 was taken; that was my number. But my little brother, Curt [Lhamon], wears No. 14 in football.

10. Finish this sentence: Life as a Lady Vol is …

Carter: Incredible.