Mulkey has team of shoppers

Baylor coach Kim Mulkey's shoppers show off items they found for her to wear for the title game. Holly Rowe

Some described Kim Mulkey's national semifinal outfit as a neon Monet painting, but her son, Kramer, said it was more like Dippin' Dots ice cream.

Her multicolored jacket, fuchsia blouse and royal blue pants worn during the win against Stanford garnered plenty of attention.

"If it was up to me, I'd coach in this," said Mulkey, flipping up the collar of her green Baylor sweat top. "Maybe I will start coaching in my sweats and pretty soon that will be chic."

Mulkey uses air quotes with her two fingers when she charmingly mispronounces "chic" as "chick." Either way, she has some fun with her sideline couture. Mulkey gives her mother and friends all the credit.

In her book, "Won't Back Down," Mulkey said, "I remember it being very important to my Mother that we were well dressed. She wanted us to be the best dressed little girls in Hammond."

Now, Mulkey relies on a team of friends who pick out her game outfits.

Maradith Boone was 8 years old when she met Mulkey for the first time. Mulkey had just joined the Lady Techsters as a point guard and Boone's family became her host family. They have formed a life-long friendship. Boone said she shops for Mulkey often, sending her things. But this week things changed.

"Kim would not let us shop ahead for a championship game outfit," Boone said. "Superstition or her not wanting to get ahead of herself made her tell us to wait and shop after they won."

So on Monday, Boone, Cheryl Gaude and Lauren Schwartz hit just about every Denver store. Seven hours of shopping yielded eight to 10 possible outfits. A midnight fashion show in Mulkey's room narrowed it down.

"We had clothes everywhere; it was a blast," Boone said.

But unsatisfied, the shopping crew hit the stores for two more hours Tuesday. They came up with a completely new outfit.

Luckily, Boone is the same size as Mulkey, just taller, and can act as stand-in to try things on.

They love dressing Mulkey in a style Boone says is like her friend: "Wild, fun and crazy!"