Women's Tourney Challenge notables

Now that we're down to 16 teams, how is your bracket holding up? Here is a look at some notable statistics from the Women's Tournament Challenge:

• Only one bracket went 16-for-16 in the second round; 50 brackets hit 15 of 16.

• Only one entry correctly picked all 32 games in the first round.

• Unbeaten Connecticut was selected as the winner in 56.99 percent of brackets.

• Unbeaten Notre Dame was picked to win in 19.88 percent of bracket.

• Only 2.78 percent of brackets had BYU advancing to the Sweet 16, and only 0.18 percent have the Cougars moving on to the regional final.

• About 53 percent of brackets had UConn and Notre Dame meeting in the championship game; 71 percent of those brackets have UConn winning.

Lincoln Regional

• 0.1 percent of brackets had UConn, BYU, DePaul and Texas A&M in the Sweet 16
• 89.1 percent have UConn advancing to the Final Four from this region
• 0.09 percent have BYU advancing
• 0.22 percent have DePaul advancing
• 2.29 percent have Texas A&M advancing

Stanford Regional

• 52 percent of brackets had South Carolina, North Carolina, Stanford and Penn State in the Sweet 16
• 56 percent have Stanford advancing to the Final Four from this region
• 25.5 percent have South Carolina advancing
• 6.2 percent have North Carolina advancing
• 6.8 percent have Penn State advancing

Notre Dame Regional

• 24 percent of brackets had Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Kentucky and Baylor in the Sweet 16
• 77 percent have Notre Dame advancing to the Final Four from this region
• 4.7 percent have Kentucky advancing
• 14.8 percent have Baylor advancing
• 0.4 percent have Oklahoma State advancing


• 6.5 percent of brackets had Tennessee, Maryland, LSU and Louisville in the Sweet 16
• 54 percent have Tennessee advancing to the Final Four from this region
• 0.59 percent have LSU advancing
• 5.3 percent have Maryland advancing
• 24.5 percent have Louisville advancing