Tattoo awaits Dayton coach Jabir

ALBANY -- Dayton's first foray into the Sweet 16 has drawn a lot of ink, but ahead of the Flyers' NCAA regional semifinal with Louisville, it appears there's still ink to be drawn.

Coach Jim Jabir promised his seventh-seeded team he would get a tattoo if it made the Sweet 16. And the prying New York media (OK, it's upstate New York, but still) wanted to know what body art would grace which body part.

"I was anticipating this question," Jabir said, "and what I was going to do was stand up, turn around and start to lower my drawers ... But I don't have it yet."

When their tournament run is over, Dayton will meet as a team and watch Jabir go under the needle. Forward Ally Malott reported that the squad was studying design options on the Internet but said, "They were a little obnoxious." She believes the likely winner will be some sort of Dayton logo.

Jabir, who resembles the guy from accounting poring over your expense report, vows to be true to himself, whatever the final choice.

"It's going to be so small," he said. "You'd have to really search for it. I can tell you that. It'll be very, very discrete. I'm a 52-year-old man. I don't need to be walking around getting tattoos now."