Ric Flair clears the air about Fort Wayne bar incident on "Dan Le Batard Show"

Flair sets the record straight over bar altercation (2:00)

Ric Flair gives Dan Le Batard his side of the story that ends with his unceremonious exit from a bar in Fort Wayne, Indiana. (2:00)

After rumors surfaced last week of an altercation at a Fort Wayne, Indiana, bar, former professional wrestler Ric Flair went on the Dan Le Batard show to clear the air about the situation.

"I walked in, said to the guy, 'Will you please put on the golf tournament?' It's only the Masters, right?" recalled Flair. "He said, 'What do you think this is, a sports bar?' 'I didn't say it was a sports bar, I asked you to put on the Masters.'"

The bartender at The Deck at the Gas House said he would try, but a clash later on ultimately got Flair kicked out.

"I had only had one drink, I asked for another drink, he takes [the same] glass and [puts the] ice in and starts pouring in the same glass," said Flair. "'Sir, doesn't a premium drink require a new glass?' And he goes 'Are you telling me how to bartend?' And I said, 'Not if I don't have to, dumba--.' 'Did you call me a dumba--?' 'I can call you a dumba--, or a fat a--. Both work.'"

After the manager approached him, Flair claims he walked out the door on his own.