Kerley wins BMX Street at XG Asia

In his first X Games appearance, 17-year-old Chad Kerley won the gold medal in BMX Street at X Games Asia 2012 in Shanghai, China, on Monday. On Chinese turf for the first time, Kerley dropped some of the most impressive, difficult and consistent lines of the day. His repertoire of tricks included barspin hop to manual down the ledge, 540 hops from section to section and technical grind, manual and hang five combinations.

Still a high school student, Kerley was just glad to be out of school and enjoying the daily grind of Shanghai. "I'm just glad they didn't give me any homework," said Kerley. Kerley will return to compete in X Games 2012 in Los Angeles, Calif., this June.

Winning the silver medal was last year's gold medalist Jeremiah Smith, who landed uprail to opposite tailwhips, barspins to tailwhip on the quarterpipe and a plethora of flowing lines that combined his skatepark experience with his penchant for riding street. Smith even jokingly pulled an uprail to heelclicker on the advice of the judges between heats.

Grabbing the bronze medal was Germany's Bruno Hoffmann. In his first X Games outing, the Federal Bikes pro concentrated on technical grind combinations that included opposite toothpick hanger to over into a toothpick hanger to 180 on the flat bar. Hoffmann will make another appearance at X Games 2012 in Los Angeles this summer.

Cult Bicycles pro Dakota Roche combined his natural style and unique lines for fourth place. And in fifth place, veteran X Games BMX street competitor Brian Kachinsky combined rail manuals and 360 transfers for an overall score of 58.00.

X Games Asia 2012 concludes in Shanghai, China, Tuedsay with BMX Mini Mega finals.

BMX Street Finals -- Monday, April 30
Chad Kerley 86.00
Jeremiah Smith76.00
Bruno Hoffmann73.00
4Dakota Roche70.00
5Brian Kachinsky58.00

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