Byron wins XG Asia BMX Mini Mega

Australian Vince Byron won the BMX Mini Mega gold medal at X Games Asia in Shanghai, China on Tuesday, besting last year's gold medalist Zack Warden, who won silver, and X Games Big Air and vert veteran Chad Kagy, who won bronze.

Byron was unsure of even competing on Tuesday morning, due to a leg injury suffered in BMX vert earlier in the week, but decided at the last possible minute, under rain delays, to enter the contest. "It feels awesome to win, but to be honest, I don't know if I really deserved it," said Byron following the contest.

Byron's runs included 720s on the jump section to 540s and 540 tailwhips on the quarterpipe, as well as double tailwhip backflips and double tailwhip 360s on the jump section.

"I had a sore ankle, but I taped it up, took a few jumps and it felt alright, so I do decided to do it. I played it safe, got to the finals, did what I needed to do and told myself not to push it any further. I got a good score, so I basically sat back and waited for someone to take me out, but it didn't happen, so I guess I won from that," he continued.

Byron also won BMX vert gold earlier in the week at X Games Asia 2012, bringing his gold medal count for the new season up to two.

In the silver medal slot was last year's gold medalist, Zack Warden. Warden's style, which included 360 bike flips (the "Iron Lotus"), massive triple tailwhips on the quarterpipe and a few very loose backflip bike flip attempts, where his bike catapulted away from him down the landing as he slid alongside it. In the Super Final, Warden attempted the 360 bike flip four times unsuccessfully. After taking a small break, Warden, who at that point had not yet pulled a run, returned to the top of the Mini Mega and pulled two perfect back to back runs. His last two runs moved him from fifth place into the silver medal position.

"I'm ecstatic right now, I pulled my last two runs," said Warden. "This ramp lip is a little mellower than the one I ride at Woodward and it made my bike flips go a little bit weird, but I'm really happy with how my triple whips felt on the quarter this weekend, and happy to pull out those last two runs. I took a couple hard slams there, but I'm happy to come out on the podium again," he continued.

Finishing in the bronze medal spot was Chad Kagy, who introduced a new barrel-roll style to his backflips, as well as pulled tailwhip backflips on the jump section to smooth flair tailwhips at height on the quarterpipe. Kagy leaves for three weeks of Nitro Circus tour dates in Australia this week, and has a few more X Games medals to add to his collection once he returns home to State College, Pa.

In the fourth place spot was veteran X Games competitor Kevin Robinson, who landed the first no-handed one-footed flair on a quarterpipe, followed by rookie X Games competitor Colton Satterfield in fifth place.

Mini Mega instituted a new return ramp from the landing of the jump section back up the ramp's roll-in, allowing for a quicker paced contest and less effort on the competitor's behalf to return to the top of the ramp. BMX at X Games Asia 2012 is now a wrap.

BMX Mini Mega Finals -- Tuesday, May 1
Vince Byron--
Zack Warden--
Chad Kagy--
4Kevin Robinson--
5 Colton Satterfield--

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