Breakdown: Carissa Moore Threads the Needle

Threading the needle in Mainlaind Mexico, Carissa Moore takes us through the ins and outs of what a serious tube ride means.

If you figure that the three-second mark is well above average, and six- to eight-second barrels are the stuff of dreams, we don't spend nearly as much time in the tube as we do obsessing over it. There are a lot of intricacies in a good tube ride, but oddly, lock into a runner and instinct takes over.

A well trained tube-rider knows how and when to slow down, speed up, drag a hand or take a big pump. They know the right line to take to maximize their time behind the curtain. The ideal is to fade deep into a wave, stall until the foam ball starts to consume you, then with split-second decision-making you react and come flying out with the spit.

Of course, that's the ideal. Most of us end up taking a lip to the head and a trip over the falls. Thankfully world number one Carissa Moore has it wired, and she isn't above sharing some knowledge. On a recent trip to mainland Mexico she caught this wave, which serves as a perfect example of how to make the most of a beach break wedge. She may be vying for a the 2013 world title, but she'll be the first to tell you there's nothing better than a good barrel.

Breakdown: Carissa Moore Threads the Needle

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