2012 Real Street: Collin Provost

Joe Hemmeke

Collin powers through a frontside nose-blunt slide in a suburb near you. Real Street »

Born and raised in Huntington Beach, Calif., Collin Provost grew up skating his backyard mini ramp. He thinks he first got sponsored at 8 years old but can't really remember. It wasn't long after getting sponsored that Provost took his tranny skills to the streets and became one of the most well-rounded skateboarders to date. He rips for Toy Machine and broke the mold in his "Stay Gold" Emerica video part. So sit back, watch him roll and if you like what you see, VOTE.

ESPN.com: What's up Collin?
Collin Provost: Not much. Just at my house trying to rent a movie.

What are you trying to get?
Oh, I'm trying to rent "Last Days Here." The Pentagram documentary.

Bart Jones

Up and over, Collin gets snappy over a rail in Puerto Rico.

How does it feel to turn pro and buy a house so fast?
It feels great, man! I'm really proud.

Tell me a little about your new crib, how you found it and fixed it up so quick?
My parents and I looked around Long Beach. We spotted this one and I went for it. Had to be done.

Who's the most random house guest you've had so far?
Probably Antwuan Dixon. The first time I slept at my new place I woke up and Antwuan was here. That was pretty random -- it was sick. I back that dude.

Any celebrities make it over yet?
Yeah, Heath Kirchart has been here.

How many times have you came home late night and found Marquis [Henry] passed out in your hammock?
Um... only a couple of times. He's more trying to steal my roommate's [John Dixon] bed when he's not here.

Who's gonna win Real Street?
Matt Bennett!

Who are you voting for?
Matt Bennett or Dan Murphy. Murphy's part was shocking. I'm so down for Murphy.

What was the last mag you looked at?
The new Thrasher, the Greco cover.

Is there a Provost shoe in the works over at Emerica?
Yes sir.

When is that coming out?
I don't know. Not 'til next year, I think. It comes out when the Emerica video comes out.

What's going on with the next Emerica video and when does it drop?
I don't know, sometime next year is what I hear. I hear the video is going to be just the four guys: myself, Leo Romero, Brandon Westgate and Trevor Colden.

Ben Karpinski

Collin Provost

How much of the 100 grand would you put into your house if you swept Real Street?
Probably all of it, just try to own my place outright. Free money, free house -- that would be so nice!

What do you like about Real Street compared to the normal skate contests?
It's not stressful and it's on my own time. It's what I would be doing anyways. I back Real Street for sure.

Any advice for someone trying to win Real Street?
Break yourself for this. Don't be scared to put your footage in there. You can't be saving anything.

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