2012 Real Street: Taylor Bingaman

Taylor Bingaman's entry into the X Games 2012 Real Street, all-video, all-street skateboarding contest.

Taylor Bingaman has a reputation as one of the premier upstarts in the world of concrete skateparks and transition skateboarding. The fact that Bingaman is a participant in this years Real Street competition is a testament to his all-around ability on a skateboard. The Sacramento, Calif. native grew up skating the streets and skateparks of northern California and became a household name when Creature Skateboards released their video "Hesh Law" and Bingaman had the standout part. Bingaman's 2012 Real Street video part highlights his ability to skate big handrails, stairs, gaps and the speed at which he skates. Now VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

ESPN.com: What's up Taylor?
Bingaman: Not too much, just hanging out, resting up to go skate tomorrow!


Taylor Bingaman frontside krooks a 12 stair handrail

Who's got you favorite part in Real Street?
It's hard to pick just one but I was a big fan of Haslam's part and Jaws' part was crazy. I was really hyped on Joey Pepper's part too.

Did you vote for more than one person?
Yeah I voted on each bracket in every round.

How long did you film for your Real Street part?
I worked on it since I got the invite to do it. That was about August of last year, but the last 2 months is when I put in a lot of time.

How did you pick Chris Ray to film and edit your part?
Chris is a really good friend of mine and he's super easy to work with. It just made sense to work with him on this project.

How many tries did it take to get your last trick (half-Cab to frontside over-krooks)?
I couldn't tell you the exact amount but probably around thirty to forty tries.

Any run in with the cops filming your part?
No, I got pretty lucky with the cops on this one!

What's your favorite thing about Real Street compared to other contests?
I liked it cause there isn't as much pressure on you and it was just something different which is always nice.

Most people think of you as a park skater. Was it hard filming just a street part?
No, it wasn't any harder to film only street -- besides the kick-out factor. When your filming at parks you have all day, but when you're street skating you got to deal with cops. But I like to skate whatever so it was fun to do an only street part.

What would you do if you swept the Real Street contest and won $100k?
I would buy a house with some land and build a cement skatepark in my backyard!


Taylor Bingaman

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