Can Bestwick six-peat in LA?

Jamie Bestwick is a 5-peat winner in X Games BMX Vert. He's still ready to win the next competition.

In the history of X Games, only one six-peat performance has ever been documented -- that of Tony Hawk and Andy Macdonald's legendary Vert Doubles run of gold medals from 1997 through 2002. This year, in the BMX Vert discipline, 40-year-old Jamie Bestwick has the potential to become the second six-peat performance at X Games.

For the past five years, Bestwick has dominated the field of BMX Vert at X Games with ease. His ability to air the ramp higher and stretch variations to their very limit places Bestwick in untouchable territory during competition, and if his repeat performances are any indication, there's a good chance that untouchability could continue through X Games Los Angeles 2012. In the above video, we take a look back at Bestwick's path of domination at X Games, featuring commentary from Bestwick on the search for a six-peat.

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