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Sugar Bowl Classic Moments

On Jan. 1, 1979, the top two teams in the country -- Alabama and Penn State -- butted heads on the Bayou in one of the most physical contests ever played.

There have been a number of Sugar Bowl classic moments along the way.

1935 - Tulane 20, Temple 14  More
Tulane vs. Temple: Not exactly what Joe Football Fan considers a dream bowl matchup. And yet these two teams baptized the Sugar Bowl series on Jan. 1, 1935.

1973 - Notre Dame 24, Alabama 23  More
In this age of endless media hype, it seems that college football has a "Game of the Century" every few years. 1973's Game of the Century was the Alabama-Notre Dame Sugar Bowl.

1979 - Alabama 14, Penn State 7  More
In the decades prior to the Bowl Championship Series, there was no guarantee that No. 1 would face No. 2 at season's end to determine the national champion. Rarely were fans granted the matchup they so passionately craved, and rightfully deserved.

1981 Georgia 17, Notre Dame 10  More
The seventh-ranked Fighting Irish entered the 47th Sugar Bowl angling to prove that "unbeaten, untied and unbelievable" top-ranked Georgia had escaped the regular season 11-0 as a matter of luck. The Bulldogs sought their first national championship.

1982 Pittsburgh 24, Georgia 20  More
In an intense battle featuring five lead changes, Pittsburgh quarterback Dan Marino clinched the 1982 Sugar Bowl with a late-game, 33-yard touchdown pass to tight end John Brown.

1990 - Miami 33, Alabama 25  More
On the first day of the 1990s, the Miami Hurricanes firmly proclaimed themselves the team of the '80s by clinching the 1989 national championship.

1991 Tennessee 23, Virginia 22  More
There may have been Sugar Bowl games of greater importance. But few matched the drama of the 1991 contest between Tennessee and Virginia, which featured one of the most exciting comebacks in bowl history.