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Miller moments report

On Nov. 27, Dennis Miller delivered many amusing highlights throughout the Packers-Panthers game at Ericsson Stadium.

Do you ever feel the need to pull out a dictionary to understand some of Miller's references? Well, explains this Monday Night Football commentator's cultural and historical references each week.

Dennis Miller had plenty of light moments throughout his first year in the booth.


No. 1
"I'll tell you how many hits (Steve) Beuerlein has taken this year: See how black and blue he is, Al? He doesn't even have a jersey on. That's just him."
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Real: 14.4 | 28.8 | 56.6

No. 2
"Zero sacks, zero knockdowns, zero batted balls, zero wedgies ... They're keeping a lot more detailed stats."
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Real: 14.4 | 28.8 | 56.6

No. 3
"You know, if (Brad) Hoover keeps up that eight-yards-per-carry average for the duration of his career, he's gonna turn some heads, my friend."
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Real: 14.4 | 28.8 | 56.6

No. 4
"You know, we were talking about Dameyune Craig coming into the game. He had one carry for negative one yard last week. That moves him into 31st position on the all-time rushing list for the Panthers."
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Real: 14.4 | 28.8 | 56.6

No. 5
After running back Brad Hoover got crushed by Packer linebacker Bernardo Harris: "Hoover said, 'Damn!'"
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Real: 14.4 | 28.8 | 56.6

No. 6
After a crazed fan charged onto the field during a play and got leveled: "Wait a second, that's my agent! Jimmy!"
wav: 25 k
Real: 14.4 | 28.8 | 56.6

No. 7
When George Seifert is spotted wearing shades on the sideline: (Singing) "I wear my sunglasses at night ..."
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Real: 14.4 | 28.8 | 56.6

No. 8
Describing George Seifert's dark-spectacled, arms-folded appearance on the sideline: "(George Seifert looks) like a bouncer at a nightclub."
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Real: 14.4 | 28.8 | 56.6

No. 9
Referring to referee Phil Luckett's resemblance to a certain NBC reporter: "Referee Jim Gray ..."
wav: 30 k
Real: 14.4 | 28.8 | 56.6

No. 10
Describing one of his favorite ABC sitcoms: "It's Dharma-rvelous!"
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