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40 Years of Covering the Best on the Ice

Peggy Fleming
Peggy Fleming won five consecutive national titles.
For 40 years ABC Sports has been the home of figure skating. Ever since its 1962 telecast of the World Figure Skating Championships, ABC Sports has spanned the globe and watched the development of stars on the ice. Peggy Fleming, a five-time national champion, paved the way for contemporary superstar Michelle Kwan while making her place in skating history.

At the age of 15, Fleming won her first of five consecutive national titles, making her one of the most revered skaters of all time. Wide World has been there to capture magic moment after magic moment on the ice.

Kwan, there is none better
Michelle Kwan
Michelle Kwan is the two-time defending World and U.S. national champion. There hasn't been a skater in recent memory to have so gracefully and elegantly captured the imagination of the skating fan. Each year, Kwan overcomes her critics to continually dominate the skating world.

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    Where are they now: Debi Thomas
    Debi Thomas
    Debi Thomas burst onto the figure skating scene in 1986, when she won the national and world championships during her freshman year at Stanford University. In honor of these feats, she was named Wide World of Sports' 1986 Athlete of the Year. Two years later she added a second national title along with a bronze medal in the Olympics.

    Memorable Wide World figure skating moments
    Rudy Galindo
    Rudy Galindo in the "kiss and cry" area after winning the 1996 national championships was one of the most emotional moments ever captured by Wide World. Galindo upset the reigning world silver medalist Todd Eldredge to win his first and only men's national championship.

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     Rudy Galindo defeats Todd Eldredge, the reigning world silver medalist, to win the U.S. men's title.
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     Michelle Kwan lands a triple toe/triple toe combination on her way to a gold medal.
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     USA's Michelle Kwan's picturesque lay-back spin lands her in second place after the short program.
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     Tara Lipinski became the youngest World Champion in 1997 at age 14 (Courtesy: ABC Sports)
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     Maria Butyrskaya wins the 1999 World Championship (Courtesy: ABC Sports)
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     Alexei Yagudin wins his second World Championship in 1999 (Courtesy: ABC Sports)
    RealVideo: 56.6

     Elvis Stojko won the 1997 World Championship (Courtesy: ABC Sports)
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