What is the X Games? The high-octane action sports meet comes to Sydney

X Games Sydney Preview: Moto X (1:04)

What's on tap for Moto X at X Games Sydney 2018? Six disciplines, including Step Up, Best Trick, Best Whip, Quarterpipe High Air and Doubles, plus Jackson Strong and the rest of the Moto X Freestyle contingent. The action runs Oct. 19 - 21. (1:04)

The X Games head to Sydney this weekend - here's everything you need to know about the three-day event featuring some of the world's best action sports athletes.

What is X Games?

When some of the world's best action sports athletes come together to push the boundaries of their high-octane events, you get the X Games. Founded in 1995, the X Games combines events from a number of action sports disciplines, most notably motocross, skateboarding and BMX.

Past gold medal winners include legendary names such as Tony Hawk, Travis Pastrana and Vicki Golden in the summer games, and Shaun White in the winter games. It means fans are guaranteed to see some incredibly talented athletes pull off some ridiculously cool moves.

Known for the fireworks both on the track and in the arena, the X Games is non-stop action from start to finish, with medal events held on every day of competition. It's a celebration of the very best athletes and youth culture, and after smashing it in Minneapolis and Aspen earlier this year, it's coming to Sydney for the first time.


X Games Sydney: BMX

What's on tap for BMX at X Games Sydney 2018? Three disciplines, including BMX Dirt and BMX Street, plus Ryan Williams and the rest of the BMX Big Air contingent. The action runs Oct. 19 - 21 in Sydney, Australia.

When and where is it on?

The X Games Sydney will be held at Spotless Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park from Friday, October 19th until Sunday, October 21st.

The action begins at 11:45am on Friday and concludes with a performance by electronic music group The Avalanches at 8:45pm. On Saturday, the BMX Big Air kicks off the day at 11:30am, while local hip hop artist 360 will perform at 7:30pm to close out proceedings. The action begins at midday on Sunday and concludes after 6pm.

You can find the full weekend schedule here.

Aussies to keep an eye on

Jarryd McNeil:

McNeil is an 11-time X Games Moto X medallist who most recently won two gold medals in July's X Games Minneapolis. McNeil is best known for his massive whips as well as getting huge air on his step ups.

Rob Adelberg:

Adelberg is another Moto X star, however his maiden X Games gold came at the winter event in Aspen where he won the Snow Bike Best Trick. No doubt he'll be hoping to add a summer gold to his tally at home in Australia.

Hayley Wilson:

What were you doing when you were 16? Victoria's Hayley Wilson is travelling around the world competing in the Women's Skateboard Street event at the X Games. She made her debut earlier this year in Minneapolis -- finishing 8th in the field -- and will be hoping a parochial crowd can cheer her home to a medal.

Jackson Strong:

Strong sure lives up to his last name when it comes to Moto X. He's won six Best Trick medals -- four in summer and one in winter -- while he also came second in Minneapolis in the Moto X Freestyle event. His hard-charging style on the bike means he's sure to be a crowd favourite.

How can I watch it?

ESPN Australia will be airing the X Games over the three days, while it's also available on the WatchESPN app.


X Games Sydney Preview: Skateboarding

What's on tap for skate at X Games Sydney 2018? Three disciplines, including Skateboard Big Air and Women's Skateboard Street, plus Nyjah Huston and the rest of the Men's Skateboard Street contingent. The action runs Oct. 19 - 21 in Sydney, Australia.

How can I get tickets?

Tickets for X Games Sydney 2018 are available for purchase now, with prices starting at $89 for general admission. There are also family, concession, VIP and multi-day options available.

General Admission: Your entry to experience the first ever X Games Sydney event.
Gold: Beat the crowds and dominate X Games Sydney at your own pace -- the VIP way.
XIP: The Ultimate X Games Sydney experience

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